Friday, November 16, 2012

when "neutral" reporting is pro gay

What if I wrote a story saying that I'm equal with Dan Marino in football, Charles Barkley in basketball, and Don Mattingly in baseball, even though I've never played any of those sports on a professional or even college level? It might go something like this:

Craig Farmer, a blogger who loves football, basketball, and baseball has excellent and in depth  opinions on each of these sports and his views should be taken as seriously as Marino, Barkley, or Mattingly respectively because they all love their sport, and really would have liked to win a championship during their playing days but came up short.  Having passed their playing days, now  all of them channel their passion into writing about the sports they love.

Every word above could be true. But the word usage is awkward, and the overall message misleading.

No publication or producer would allow me to do that, but when it comes to gay rights, it happens all the time. There is a persistent culture war to advance a radical leftist agenda.  What's worse, those presumably offended by this psychological activism ignore it which magnifies it's effectiveness.

Take this recent story:

Chamique Holdsclaw, former WNBA star, arrested for domestic violence incident

The story tells about a troubled young lady who is accused of assaulting an EX-GIRLFRIEND.
It reads as though it is about a typical male-female relationship gone bad.  It never uses any terms to distinguish between normal and gay relationships.  

There's no mention of the shock that two female professional atheletes were (apparently) known homosexuals, and there's no judgement of their relationship or violent behavior.

This story is but one piece among countless others of an attempt to equalize normal relationships with gay relationships, without notifying the reader.  This prior judgement to speak about this in this way influences especially young people that "being gay is no big deal".

The cynical nature of this gay rights movement is really appalling as they seek to tear down convention and replace it with... they don't know.  They are assaulting the propriety of making moral judgements on many people's lifestyle, which is bad enough.  But they are also neutering our capacity to stop the next attack because they lack a limiting principle.

This article should have said, "arrested for (gay) domestic violence incident".  And when they identified the two people it should have said "lesbian relationship".  In addition, they could have listed the prevalence of violence in gay relationships and gave people a contact if they wanted to get out of gay or violent relationships.

This would be my agenda.  Just as the writer was promoting either their or their publication's agenda.
Except that I'm upfront about mine.

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