Friday, December 9, 2011

Democrats against gay marriage

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I'm Craig Farmer,
a Democrat whose goal is to make the word liberal safe again!

Just to let some of the new viewers understand, a newliberal is a person who is dedicated to using their best judgement to solve problems. This is as opposed to tradition, ideology, party position, or even emotion. There are many conservatives both on the left and the right who don't use their judgement and analysis of the facts to come to conclusions but rather accept a predisposed outcome and then they seek out facts that corroborate their opinion. Rather than leftists or right wingers, being a newliberal means you are trying as best you can to look at the real world and make an indepedent judgement.

Just to give you an indication of my politics: I support  President Obama in his bid for re-election 100%.  I am a yellow dog democrat.  I seek to change the party from within.  With a country so vast and large, no thinking minded person could/should agree with any political party completely, but I feel it is best to cast your lot with whom you please and work to make them as good as possible.

Issues wise:

education: I think the government should guarantee everyone a quality education as defined by parents. So I support vouchers and other free market reforms as well as revamping public schools to be more acheivement oriented.

abortion: Though I recognize the loss of potential human life, I support a woman's right to choose an abortion because there is no other workable system available in a free society. I think the phrase, "safe, legal, and rare" should actually be policy rather than an empty slogan.

gun control: I support gun control because it is clear to me that on balance, the less guns, the less crime. I know there are many individual instances where people with guns prevent crime and protect themselves and others but there are also many otherwise law abiding people who wind up using guns to hurt people they are associated with in a violent moment that without guns would never have occurred.

foreign policy: I support a strong military that actively defends our interests both home and abroad. I was against Iraq but for Afganistan. I think we need to define our missions clearly, acheive our goals, and then get out. I think Pres. Bush fought Iraq in a leftwing mode where he tried to please too many people, and wound up making the war worse than it had to be.

health care: I support universal healthcare for all Americans. We should use the private sector to deliver the services and have the govt. regulate their businesses. This could be done through some sort of voucher or tax credit program that leaves choices up to the American people. since this is not being discussed today, I support the current bills in the House and Senate, though I hope Sen. Wyden of Oregon gets his way to open up the exchange to everyone, so we all have choices.

affirmative action: I support affirmative action for all types of people to be included throughout our society. I think it is fair to take race, gender, economic status, body type, family background, etc. as 1 of many factors in making important decisions. By the way, this also leads me to respect some aspects of racial/religious profiling if it helps reduce crime and protect our nation. There you have it, as you can see, I am independent.

Today's topic is "Gay Marriage".
We need Democrats to stand against gay marriage.

We need Democrats to stand against the agenda of the gay rights lobby.

There is a group of people who are determined to change our society regardless of the implications and whether the American people agree. They have been working in Hollywood for decades, and you can see the results not only in many t.v. shows and movies, but even in commercials. There has been an assault on traditional marriage, a celebration of divorce, and a drive not only to tolerate but accept as equal people engaging in a homosexual lifestyle. I would stipulate some people are born gay. But some also choose that and other deviant lifestyles. In America, we shouldn't seek to make everything bad or strange illegal, but we should strive to build our culture strong and make it sustainable for our future generations. As Democrats we need to strengthen the insitution of marriage by making it harder to get married, and harder to get divorced. Part of our problem today is that we have allowed the institution to wither and it has so much so, that the radical leftists are in the process of redefining it. We truly are defining deviancy down. So as Democrats we need to look at the tax code, waiting periods before marriage, rules about joint ownership, and just our approach in civil society to make marriage more meaningful. It is not enough to just be against gay marriage, we need to be for a stronger union. There are some who are celebrating all of the ballot initatives that are defining marriage correctly, and ban gay marriage. But I look at the closeness of some of the votes, where over 47% of people are either supporting gay marriage or not wanting to define traditional marriage as one man and one woman. Also, the younger generation is clearly more supportive of gay marriage and gay rights in general. This is an important time when we as Democrats need to reverse this trend. We need to say it is ok for us to believe it's not ok to be gay. I'm like millions of other Democrats who wouldn't want my children to be gay. While we should treat everyone with respect, we the people through our government have a right to define our culture and laws for the common good. Now realistically, I don't believe President Obama when he claims to agree with me that he believes marriage is between1 man and 1 woman. I think he is just pandering to the voting public. But we as Democrats need to strengthen his political hand so he doesn't keep moving left. We don't want openly gay people serving in the military. We don't want school textbooks presenting gay relationships as normal. We don't want the feminization of boys/men to continue in our entertainment culture. We don't want gay rights groups taking the banner of civil rights. We dont' want gay marriage. We can work to make sure all people are treated fairly in every situation without making false equations between African Americans and homosexuals. People are defined as gay by virtue of sexual behavior. The government has the right to regulate behavior. If it doesn't then that would attack the basis for most of our laws. I want the millions of Democrats who agree to take back our party from the activists who are controlling the levers of power. Don't allow them to control the language, and bully you into silence. You don't have to support gay rights just because you're a democrat. You don't have to be quiet because many of them support the rest of the Democratic agenda. We need a truly progressive agenda that is good for America. That means not only supporting traditional marriage, but making it better and stronger.

Craig Farmer making the word, "liberal" safe again!

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Summer said...
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Anonymous said...

What you are saying is good, but we also as Democrates need to stand against murder as well in the form of abortion.

Craig Farmer said...

If Abortion was Murder. As a newliberal, I'd be against it because murder is wrong. Murder is immoral. Murder is evil.

Abortion is not Murder. Here's why.

First of all, that it is a discussion, proves it's not murder.
Second, abortions are medical procedures that a woman consents to for her own health needs. A woman is 100% human with equal rights. (Though women often try to have it both ways). If an abortion occurred outside a woman's body, it would be infanticide and murder. It occurs within a human body, it is her decision. That's brutal. It's not pretty. I am personally against abortion. But it is a woman's body. If we decide that a fetus is a human being. (it's not. It's a developing human being) And that women must sacrfice to save the life of another human (fetus). Then why wouldn't there be equal protection for everyone else? Forced blood donations. Forced body part transplants. Forced diets for pregnant women. The government controlling all fertile women, who it is proven lose on average 7 "babies" through natural spontaneous abortions.

The point is, abortion is emotional, difficult, and painful. It is not murder.

Anonymous said...

This is so obviously a conservative trying to sway moderates over to his own ways of thinking. Why on earth should anyone oppose gay marriage? If two people get married, what impact does it have on your life? There are hundreds if not thousands of other issues that have far more immediate consequences for all of us. How two people wish to spend their lives should be up to them. Let's be honest - by and large marriage is not a religious ceremony anymore. Any state in the union will allow a civil ceremony with little if any religious overtones. As such, religious dogma should not influence our policies concerning who can and cannot marry. What is available to heterosexuals should be available to homosexuals, and with it all the attendant taxt benefits and the the way in which estates are probated and property passes to spouses upon death.

Anonymous said...

If you think that gay marriage will not change things then come to Illinois. The Catholic Church had to drop out of the adoption bussiness because they wouldn't adopt to gay couples out of religious convictions. The state wouldn't give them a religious exemption, even when their Church believes this to be sin.

Anonymous said...

"Just to let some of the new viewers understand, a newliberal is a person who is dedicated to using their best judgement to solve problems."

So I would assume you are in favor of making decisions based upon facts. Here is an link from an independent source so you can educate yourself on gun control. The info you are currently using is a myth.

Alaska Mary said...

Finally someone that appears to think like myself.
"Alaska" Mary

Anonymous said...

It is a breath of fresh air to hear someone who sees the issues the way I do. There are not many people who support President Obama's reelection 100% and yet do not support gay marriage and abortion on demand. I thought I was the only one.

Anonymous said...

At this point you have to make a choice. Obama, gay marriage, and the Democrat Party or what is morally and ethically right. You cannot have it both ways.

Anonymous said...

I am a Democrat to the bone, however, I do not agree with or support gay marriage. I also don't support illegal immigration. Furthermore, I resent the fact that I, an independent thinking, educated person, can not have a divergent view than those in my party without being called a racist or a bigot.

Jessica Patterson said...

The only reason anyone decides to expend energy opposing gay marriage is to cover up their own closeted homosexuality.

Craig Farmer said...

That's interesting Jessica. Is that only true with this one topic? Is the only reason someone would oppose beastiality is to cover up their own? The only reason to oppose a certain religion is to cover up their own desire to be in that religion? The only reason to oppose public nudity is because of a deep desire to join in?
I'm a true liberal. I challenge anyone to civil debate. If you're right you should win, easily. Without personal attacks and emotional outbursts.