Friday, December 9, 2011

Traditional values voters taken for granted again

Rick Perry releases an ad attacking the President's "War on Religion".

I agree with the insinuation that is absurd that gays can openly serve in the military:

The shame is he doesn't actually come out against gays in the military. He should.  All Republicans should.
Democrats should have mainstream leaders like me who don't think it's normal to include the gay lifestyle.
As I've stated over and over, we need more Democrats against gay rights and especially against gay marriage.

but not about the comment concerning children praying in school:

Children and teachers have a constitutional right to pray in school, sing Christmas songs, and otherwise be who they are.  They don't have the right to have the school itself through the Principal or teachers either force others to join in or create an environment where the government (the the school) is sanctioning any particular religion.
For example, if they have a talent show, students can sing a religious song or recite parts of the bible.  As long as everyone else can do what they want also.

The main point here is that Rick Perry wouldn't have released the ad if he wasn't desperate.  That says that traditional values voters are being ignored and pandered to only in emergencies.  Also, we have to fight for normalcy, rather than just try to live normal lives.  That's because the radical left works everyday to change our mores.

It would be great if Republicans actually believed in traditional values and worked towards them.  But they only truly believe in tax cuts.  You can tell by what they do in power.

We need a Democratic party that is progressive enough to fight for average people's interest including their desire to fight the homosexual lobby.

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