Friday, December 9, 2011

Boardwalk empire: incest and homosexuality is disgusting

I haven't seen it written. So I'll be the first to say it.
The storyline on HBO's Boardwalk Empire is disgusting.
It is disturbing.

The only redeeming part is that by linking the incest and the homosexuality, it is easy to be outraged by both.

I enjoy good movies, t.v. shows, etc.
I expect the typical left-wing nonsense promoting decadence and attacking traditional values.
I usually criticize it and move on.  Most times I can still be entertained. I am somewhat liberal minded in my personal viewing habits, but that doesn't extend into what society should  promote.  For instance, the lesbian scenes not only don't bother me, I'm like most normal men, but to promote the concept as a good for society is wrong.  Incest and male homosexuality is off the charts perverse.  One day, Ill write about why the seeming contradiction is normal, but I digress.

What bothers me most is that no one is bothering to criticize the show.  Is it because nothing shocks us anymore?  Is it because no one knows about it? Or do people not want to bring attention to it?

Take a poll:

They are free to put it on tv.  We are free to criticize and not watch it.

It's one thing to show something bad to denounce it, and it's another to sensationalize it.

Just like much of  hip hop and rap music, it has become obscene in celebrating evil.
Hopefully just like with rap music, normal people will recognize and not accept it as normal.

For those of you thinking that the incest isn't celebrated or portrayed in any kind of good way, remember that is how these leftwing radicals start to reel you in.
Please refuse to watch season finale.

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