Wednesday, August 26, 2015

2015 Democrats to watch

Let's say Hillary won't be the 2016 Democratic nominee, who are the Democrats to watch for?

Andrew Cuomo (58) New York governor.  He's from a famous family; knows how to play hardball, and would be tough for any Democrat in the primary or Republican in the general election.

Jerry Brown (77) Governor of California.  He's worn that office 4 times!  He'd be a consensus choice in an emergency, who wouldn't threaten anybody's political future.

Claire McCaskill (62)  Missouri Senator.  She has a well-won moderate reputation but acceptable to the left.  She'd be a great vice-presidential choice this year, and clearly Presidential if somehow the party needed her. 

Tim Kaine (58)  Virginia Senator.  He is a good vice-presidential pick this year.  He would be a great candidate for President were he needed.  Former governor, former DNC chairperson, and current Senator with a good repuation across the political spectrum.

Furthermore, in 2020 or 2024, who are the Democrats to watch for in any case?

Corey Booker (46) - New Jersey Senator. If he can win an impressive re-election in 2020, and keep building his moderate image, at age 55, he'd be prime to run for President in 2024.  He'd also probably be on the vice-presidential short list in 2020.

Kamala Harris (51) - California Attorney General.  She is running for US Senate in 2016.  If she wins that race, she instantly becomes a national superstar.  She'd definitely be on the vice-presidential short list in 2020; and if she won an impressive re-election in 2022, prime to run for President in 2024.

Amy Klobuchar (55) Minnesota Senator.  She is ready now to burst onto the national scene for real!  She should be on short list for vice-president right now, and a cabinet pick if a Democrat wins the 2016 White House race.  If Democrats lose in 2016, she'd be ready for 2020, assuming she wins re-election in 2018.

Tim Kaine (58)  see above.  He needs to watch out for what happened to his colleague Mark Warner, who almost lost re-election to a political novice who outworked him.  (Even though his opponent was a former GOP chairman, no one expected a razor close race)

flashback 2007: Time 5 Democrats to watch; they went 0-5!

This shows how wrong the media can be:

The five up and coming Democrats to watch in 2007, just eight years ago:

Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (lost)
Patrick Murphy (running for Senate in Florida - low profile)
Debbie Wasserman Schultz (DNC - bad reputation w/no natl future)
Artur Davis (lost Dem primary for governor, became a Republican)
Gavin Newson (stuck as California Lt Gov w/no natl buzz)

Saturday, August 8, 2015

love and Hip Hop is good for black community

You might think how a ratchet franchise such as Love and Hip Hop can actually be good for the black community?  Well first you have to acknowledge that the left wingers who control television are determined to transform America (including the black community) in a secular progressive way that is very destructive. They want to feminine and emasculate men while empowering women in limited ways.  They seek to delegitimize religion, and generally promote a society with less judgement of bad behavior.  Yes, Love and Hip Hop furthers these goals on the surface, that's how it's on VH1.  If the show openly  promoted traditional marriage and high standards, it wouldn't be on tv.  But in a twisted way it actually does!  The people on these shows aspire to healthy relationships,   They constantly try to better themselves, and a couple have even went from the show to the top of the music charts (Omarion and K Michelle).  In today's world  a tv show is actually a step up to hold high standards at ANY time.  That these "characters" routinely fall WAY short of their ideals, and wind up arguing and fighting and plotting regularly is entertaining and deplorable at the same.damn time.  But there's a positive under current that can be received,  one that is pro traditional marriage, anti gay rights, and supporting the  slur of hard work.  Whether it's how Kirk and Rasheda have stayed married through all of their drama. How Jim Jones and Chrissy live as a family.  How all the girls fight for their men.  How Stevie J or Rich Dollarz or Ray J are The Men, and are the dominant people in their relationships and businesses.  How no one takes the female homosexuality seriously. Erica Mena is now engaged  to Bow Wow, even though last year she supposedly loved Cyn.  Or how Nikko was rumored to be gay and if was an insult.  Or how many fights on the show came from perceived disrespect, a masculine trait.

It's up to people who want to restore and improve on traditional values and logical truisms to build on these slight greenshoots in creative ways.  Otherwise they'll be used against us.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

John Roberts gets big SCOTUS cases right

As expected the Supreme legalized gay marriage across the country.  This has been dreaded and anticipated ever since they found a constitutional right to sodomy over a decade ago in the Lawrence case.  Also, the culture war has been abandoned by conservatives and moderates for decades, leaving the left and the far left to define normalcy in popular culture.  This has resulted in millions of people believing ideas that literally make no sense.  Foremost is that we as a society should treat male-male, female-female, and female-male relationships equally: marriage equality.  This, even though one of these relationships is soley responsible for the survival of the human race, and is the foundation of our and every soceity known.

The other case was the Obamacare decision.  This case was so absurd that it shouldn't have been heard.  It should have been dismissed without comment.  But in today's hyper-political climate, especially on the court but in society in general, tea party conservatives are radicalized and emboldened to try things that were not considered in bounds just a few years ago.  Nonethess, the Court found that Obamacare indeed was set up to help people in all 50 states get health insurance, and that the subsidies were available to every citizen rather than making a technical ruling barring them that would have been horrific judicial activism.

Chief Justice John Roberts was the only Justice to get both cases right.  For Obamacare, against judicial imposition of gay marriage.  He got it right! He deserves credit and recognition.

In the gay marriage case, his opinion was too moderate and accomodating to the gay rights side.  He should have signed onto the gist of Justice Scalia's comments.  It is outrageous that the majority on the Supreme Court has ruled that there is no legitimate reason to be against gay marriage.  It has to be hate or irrational causes.  This was the logical leap from Lawrence years ago when the court said the same thing about homosexual behavior.  Both of these are obviously wrong.  There are many health problems associated with homosexual behavior.  Also, society has a right to order itself in a way that promotes it's optimal survival.  How is it not rational to have laws that prefer male - female relationships?  It's proven that many problems stem from a breakdown of the nuclear family, and the strengthening and revitalization of male-female nuclear families is the best solution to many issues including poverty, child lawlessness, and medical problems.

So the issue now is wat should normal thinking people do to reverse this avalanche or should there be a realization that much good from the past is irretrievably lost?

History shows us many things both good and bad can have stunning reversals.  At one point after the civil war, blacks participated rather equally in government, and held political offices in the deep south.  That was reversed.  At one point, this country banned the sale of alcohol via constitutional amendment; that was reversed.  You never know.

People who believe in tradional values have to engage in the culture war on their own terms.  This means to have sports, children's programming, movies, books, horror writers, and other non political people pushing a mainstream traditonal agenda as they do their job.  Right now, if you like sports, ESPN has a monopoly with sportscenter and carrying every major sport live.  Their whole network is dedicated ot a radical left wing agenda.  Whether it's gay rights, the feminization of male sports, political correctness, etc.  We have to get a sports network that does sports and celebrates normal good things and deters the bad.  It's not ok to have a baby when you're not married.  So don't act as though a player's girlfriend is his wife.  Or that his second wife is his first wife. 

We need to make certain compromises.  For instance, I know many traditonal minded folks have a problem with Beyonce being so sexualized, especially as a mother. I personally don't.

But she and Jay Z actually have done more for normal marriage than most, by getting and staying married (so far).  To my knowledge it's their both first and and only marriage.   To my knowledge they both only have one child Blue Ivy.  No baby mamas or baby daddies.

Claim them!  Pay them to perform.  Celebrate them.  Even if they don't last, we can recognize the effort and the success up to this point.   Businesses that advertize need to pay for the values they want to represent and counter balance all these left wingers in the business world.

That would be a start.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

No charges?

A 3 year old son shoots himself with a gun the mom had for protection, and no charges?

This is a pro-life tragedy

The mom should face negligent homicide charges.
That is especially true to validate the value of the little boy's life.
It is also true to establish in society that people with guns are responsible for whatever happens with that gun.

I'm pro choice on abortion for various reasons, but those who are pro-life and believe unborn children have human rights that should be protected with the criminal law, should certainly believe a born 3 year old has that same right to life.  I realize the gun lobby and culture in our country is super strong, but this case should separate the pro life and pro gun groups.

Lastly, this sad tragedy is another reminder of how dangerous it is to get a gun for personal safety, as it more often involved in accidents, self-inflicted, and acquaintance-friend-family violence.