Wednesday, July 23, 2014

ESPN gay bias is also anti-science

I'm a yellow dog Democrat.  Like any thinking American, I don't agree with anyone or any political party 100% though. I probably support the Liberal position 70%  of the time.  From Affirmative Action, Environmental protection, Immigration,  Economic policy, Free Speech, Abortion rights, most military issues, government services to help the needy, a government big enough to protect us from random bad luck or tragedy of all types.

I probably support the Conservative position 30% of the time.  From School Choice, to market place reforms in many government services, the power of generally free markets, the need for overwhelming force in a war, respect for traditional values.

The thing is, I'm a true liberal, a newliberal, who thinks out each issue, and reasons what's the right course, without regard to party, or ideology, or religion, or whatever else.  So I think all of my positions are "liberal".

But what makes me truly stand out is that I'm a Democrat against gay rights.   I hold the position that President Obama said he believed while running for the office!  Except I really believed it then, and continue to believe it today even stronger.  BTW I still support the President 100% politically. We just disagree on a number of issues, this being one of them.

I do so, not because of  religion but because of science.

Put simply,  we human beings should work to strengthen the union that produced us all.  It's human nature to promote our own survival and success as a species:

Remember 1 + 1 =  3.

Yes 3.
1 man + 1 woman =  2 (adults) + 1 child =3

1 man + 1 man  = 2 men
1 woman + 1 woman + 2women

Nature has made it so that only one of these relationships produces the magic of procreation.
That relationship deservers special protection, and preferences. It's for our own good as society.

Yet, we've spent decades promoting individualism, feminism, materialism, etc. that has brought us to a point where traditional marriage has almost been strangled to death.  It's been damaged so much, this assault to redefine marriage has tremendous momentum.

The worst part of this is the world-wide leading sports network ESPN.  They, who truly don't have any real competitors, have made a decision to promote gay rights, and demonstrate a bias in favor of gays that is shameful.  This effort is both large and small.  It includes the word choices their personalities can use (gay= good; homosexual=bad), the topics discussed, the legitimate opinions that are allowed, and on and on.  Every person on ESPN supports the gay rights agenda to change America or they won't have a job.  Every person must vocally support it, or they won't have a job.  Any opinion that might betray some doubt will get you suspended.

In 2014 if you believe marriage is the union of one man and one woman, you can't work at ESPN.  You say, a couple people are still there? Chris Broussard? But he must promise not to ever say it.
30 hosts can say their opinion, which just happens to be:

-sexual orientation doesn't matter
-I don't see the big deal
-any fair minded person sees nothing wrong with Michael Sam getting a chance
-it's childish, backwards, bigoted to be disgusted by Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend
-society has changed, and you (bigots) have no choice
-Jason Collins and Michael Sam are historic figures
-gay rights is similar to equal rights for African Americans
-gay rights are civil rights
-all players should say "the right things"
-if not they need to be "educated" or undergo "sensitivity training"

you're not allowed to hear:
-being gay is a lifestyle choice
-being in a homosexual relationship is not a civil right, it's a behavior
-gay athletes are not discriminated against.  Michael Sam was a perfect example.  They have and will continue to play sports.  This is about forcing America to accept homosexuality as normal. It's not.
-Sam and Collins benefit from their announcement because of the liberal media's desire to push the gay right agenda.
-good people can love all people and not support gay rights
-some people don't support gay rights from a secular viewpoint
-scientific research shows gay people aren't simply born gay, it's a complicated mix of genes, environment, and upbringing
-the issues of gay health
-the issues of gays in locker room with people their sexually attracted to
-the idea that this topic shouldn't be in sports, keep it private'
-the idea that I don't want my son looking up to gay athletes as role models, I want him to grow up and get married,

(excuse misspelled names!)

Mike Greenberg
Mike Golic
Collin Cowherd
every host
every show
Mike Wilbon
Michelle Beaddle
Mike Torico
every host
every show

America is divided.  But not ESPN.
They don't believe it is legitimate to allow someone to speak scientifically how it makes sense for humans to venerate heterosexual relationships. To make that special, stronger, and exclusively unique so as to promote a healthy society that continues on.

You have to celebrate the courage of Sam or Collins or whoever is next, or be quiet.

Imagine if we debated how to make an airplane fly.  And people wanted to equate a way that doesn't allow a plane to fly, with the science that works.  But we'll call both finished products airplanes.

If ESPN is so sure they're correct, then why not let reasonable people express their view without getting fired? suspended? warned? badgered into silence?

If one relationship can produce a baby.
If another can't.
The first one is better.
That's science.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Bobby Henry for State Senate

I'm a democrat against gay marriage.  And while Bobby Henry is focused on the many issues that affect our lives everyday, I believe his personal story is one that we should highlight.  He's a hard working family man, whose trying to do good.

The best way to be a great Dad!

The best way to be a great dad to your children, is to be a great husband to their mother.
And keep it that way.

We have devalued marriage so much, and also have tried to maintain a high standard for fathers.

But in order to be a great dad, you have to have a nurturing environment for your children which only a mom can provide/

Friday, May 9, 2014

Only in America?

Two recent events that have endured a virtual media blackout:

1.  Mark Jackson being fired from the Golden State Warriors along with the  rumors that at least one in management is gay, Oakland-SF area is known to be pro-homosexual, and he is a minister who believes in traditional values.  Jackson has done an awesome job according to any basketball standard.  And all we here is that he had trouble dealing with co-workers.  Jackson says he didn't have such a problem.  It makes sense that some of them had a problem with his views.  Many people were offended when he said he'd pray for Jason Collins and family in the aftermath of his announcing that he likes men sexually.  Imagine a gay coach was fired in an organization where one of his superiors believed in traditional values fervently? I think there might be a little coverage !lol

2.   Not one notable mainstream media figure had the courage to stand against the mob and advocate for Donald Sterling.  Before this latest episode, he was in good standing with everyone.  He was slated to receive an NAACP award.  No one took any particular negative note of him.  His crime that apparently must be dealt with swiftly was saying politically incorrect racial things to his mistress in private on the telephone.  I won't say racist because his girlfriend is black and Mexican.  He has hired a black gm, and now has a black coach.  He has paid millions to black players.  The best I can tell he didn't want his black girlfriend bringing other blacks to his games, or hanging out in public.  So what?  But the idea that the NBA, the media, and the public could force him to sell his team is ridiculous.  It is offensive.  What happened to "I'd fight for the right for people to say and think stupid things".  It's distressing that there is so much group think.  It is actually scary, if you think about it.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Beyonce's music promotes traditonal marriage

Beyonces 2013 albumn Beyonce is the best mainstream album in term of promoting good Ameican values in a long time.  I know, she's apart of the pop culture that thinks "love is love" and would not want to be associated with promoting traditional values over feminism and gay rights.  But sorry, her first few songs from this album are so good, their impact can't be denied.

Drunk in love is performed with her husband.  Her one and only husband.  With whom she's had a baby with after marriage.  It is very explict and I love it!  Had someone else rapped on it, I'd been dissappointed.  But they did this song as a couple.  Yes the remix with Kayne West changes all that, but let's be honest, they can only do so much in the music business.  At least he's a part of the family.

Partition is an awesome song.  Again, very sexual but towards one person, I'm going to assume her husband, and I just love how she plays the traditional female role.  " Got all dressed up, And we aint even gonna make to this club"

Beyonce has hit songs that I like like "Irrepplaceble" or  "party"or others that bother me like "If I was a boy" where she is totally in synce with the current movements to empower women over men.

But for at least this brief moment.  She's experiencing motherhood and being a wife and loving it.

That she could get married, have a baby, and then look unbelievably sexy, and then dedicate songs to the desires of her man, is... what I'm talking about.

Well done.