Monday, January 26, 2015

Ten most relevant African Americans in history

10. Michael Jackson - worldwide superstar that changed the world for better

9.  Muhammad Ali -  great athlete; symbol for so many things to so many people

8.  Bill Cosby -  his genius promoted the idea of racial equality better than anyone

7.  Michael Jordan - his basketball skill and personality dominated sports and Pop culture

6.  Jackie Robinson - broke racial barrier in baseball when that sport mattered most

5.  Jay Z - Beyonce - hip hop and r&ab legends; married. Leaders of a generation in countless ways

4.  Malcolm X -  retains the imagination of blacks seeking to improve themselves

3. Oprah Winfrey -  ambassador to white America, role model, business mogul

2.  Dr. Martin Luther King jr. - He was an excellent leader, and a symbol of peaceful protest towards tangible outcomes.  a great speaker and motivator.  a necessary figure.

1.  Barack Obama - President of United States. Probably only person who thought he could win initially was him.  The skill to actually to run the winning campaign. The talent to be an excellent President.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

NFL playoffs!!!

These picks will go 4-0!

New England -7 over Baltimore
Seattle -11.5 over Carolina
Dallas +5.5 over Green Bay  UPSET!!!
Colts +7 over Denver (win - no cover)

If we continue changing the definition of marriage so that gender doesn't matter, the plague of "baby mamas" in the black community will spread completely and we all suffer the negative consequences. Once marriage is about the happiness of two non-related people rather than a societal institution with inter generational responsibility and benefits, we will have to accept less good and more bad on a number of measurements.  Marriage has been declining and decimated for decades to the detriment of society, this latest change would make that permanent.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Questions about "Empire" - new Fox show!

Is there a black tax that requires any show with more than a token number of African Americans in the cast to promote the gay rights agenda?

Will anybody boycott these shows for lack of intact nuclear families that believe in traditional values?

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Married Parents Tax Credit

Congress should reform the tax code in a revenue neutral way to promote the marriage of parents with biological children.  It may sound strange to word it that way, but the fact is the radicals on the left have so redefined the idea of family such that the normal and traditional unit is disappearing.  Taking tax revenue from the general population and distributing it to the married parents of their biological children will benefit the whole country.  When in tact nuclear families thrive, our nation's health, financial security, crime rate, and overall happiness all change for the better.  In the Africa. America community especially, there's an epidemic of unmarried parents.  This leads to confusion and disfunction that is difficult to ever overcome.  We should add a substantial financial incentive to parents being married, and a disincentive to divorce.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Who will win 2016 Presidential Election?

2015 1st update!


Andrew Cuomo - Elizabeth Warren 


Scott Walker - Susan Martinez

Hillary Clinton won't run due to personal issues.  Joe Biden won't run because he can't raise the money to compete.  Cuomo will defeat Warren in primaries but never win over her base.  So he chooses her for VP.

Jeb Bush won't run because he's too moderate. Walker wins a crowded field.   He chooses Latina to run for VP for obvious demographic and New Mexico governor for political reasons.

Key states:

Republicans win Wisconson, Ohio, and New Mexico

Democrats hold Florida, Pennsylvania, and Colorado