Saturday, August 20, 2016

If Trump wanted to win Black votes he could...

1. make a public apology for being the leading Birther, questiioning President Obama's right to hold office. This was disrespectfull, dishonest, demagogic, and dangerous. This should be done over and over again in front of black, white, and mixed audiences.

 2. make a public apology for following and retweeting white suprecemast's and white nationalists' tweets. Unfollow all of them. And publicly renounce their support.

3. Give a public accounting of the racial discrimination cases he's been accused of by the federal government, and his racist behavior that been alleged by former Trump employees. Take questions on this from National Association of Black Journalists and black voters.

4. Explain how his pledge to put right wing judges on Supreme Court will help black voters in terms of: restrictive voting laws, affirmative action, over-policing, unfair sentencing/treatment when those type of judges are clearly part of the problem.

5. Explain his full page ad in reference to the Central Park jogger case, and how he contributed to making racial problems worse.

6. Describe how he repealing Obamacare HELPS black people, when it has benefitted them so far.

7. Explain how Republicans trying to restrict the vote helps blacks, and his victory empowering them would help. Then he can show up in the black community every week for rest of campaign and present his agenda

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Why black police killer was crazy and not a hero

I support the Black Lives Matter movement for simple reasons.  It is correct. It is just.

I don't support the police killer Gavin Long because his ideology was wrong, and his actions were unjust and evil.

It was jarring listening to Long's youtube messages prior to him becoming an evil killer, because so much of what he said was very familiar to me.  It's the message of a "conscious" black man talking about injustice in America for African Americans.  And his basic trope that protests don't work, and the country needs revolution is so commonplace as to be not remarkable.  Until, he took his words too seriously and became an evil actor.

Long, angered by blacks (unjustifiably) killed by police in high profile incidents, took to planning a horrific attack on innocent police in Louisiana.  He wound up doing terrible damage to  three officers killed, many more wounded, and to himself.  Furthermore he injured the cause he claimed he was addressing by eliciting anger towards BLM as they have been associated with his homicidal actions.
His argument on video was that this was a long term struggle, a war, and his actions should be judged in those terms rather than criminalality.  By him being a former soldier in our military, this thinking apparently came easily despite the facts.  He compared his viewpoint to historical figures such as Malcolm X and Nat Turner.  The latter is what we should focus on.  Nat Turner lived in the 1800's as an enslaved man fighting oppression.  this guy Long lived in 2016, in the best country on earth for African Americans to reside.

While we often hear of the negative statistics, which are true and relevant.  How black unemployment is double whites.  How the criminal justice system from police contact, arrest, conviction, and sentencing is biased as African Americans. And on and on.  Basically every good statistic, blacks are last, and every bad one, blacks lead the pack.  This is true in education, health, economics, etc.

I'm hear to argue that's why we need a Black Lives Matter movement.  It's to highlight the inequity, and develop concrete strategies to close and erase these gaps.  But the same statistics show how great this nation is, and why Long is just plain wrong.  The USA is the best place for African Americans on earth.  You know this intuitively because otherwise, as soon people got the money, they'd leave!  However, no one is dreaming of going to live in.... where?

Now let's look at these statistics:

Take incarceration.  Which is the middle of the story.  There are almost no stories, pretty much ZERO of blacks in jail or prison, who did absolutely nothing wrong!  This is separate from the racial profiling, and disparate police treatment. I'm talking about someone being in jail, and the honest answer is they're there because of skin color.  It is true, a black and white person can commit similar crimes, and get different treatment in the criminal justice system because of various reasons: racism, money, family connections, etc.  But in our society,  99% of the time, if you're black and you're up to good, you won't have any problems with police, or any interaction with criminal justice system. That being a fact, Long's rhetoric is totally misplaced and wrong.  But  I'll continue:

Incarceration facts

Whites in jail  450 out of 100,000
Hispanics        831 out of 100,000
Blacks          2306 out of 100,000

The above is used as reasons to go kill innocent police?
The same police that 99% of them would put their lives on the line to help you and your family.

But look at those numbers.  Comparing black to white, you can so the disparity, and correctly assuming that blacks are 5 times more criminal minded that whites, that something wrong with our system.  But wait:

97,694 out of 100,000 aren't incarcerated!
Obviously over 97%

What kind of racist society would leave 97% of the target group OUT OF JAIL!

Yes there are racist Americans, and institutional racism that needs to be dealt with, and we are doing so as time passes.  But to talk about a problem in out of proportion terms, leads to insane people doing crazy things.

There's problems of race and class intermingled, and we should work to make it so no disparities exist.  But look at the good for African Americans in 2016:

1 President - 2 terms got majority vote
9 US Senators - 2 currently serving and having been selected
2 billionaires - Oprah and Michael jordan
35,000  black millionaires
over 4 million families in middle class (30% of 14 million families)
$1.1 trillion in buying power

This and more is my evidence that we live in the best country in the world, and we should keep working to make it a more perfect union.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

NBA salary system is unamerican!

It actually started out this way, and got worse.

The incoming rookies were limited in what they could make because the veterans and many owners resented their leverage in negotiations.  So some of the most high profile players in the league start out underpaid and stay that way for years.  I say under paid because in a free market incoming top rookies would get top salaries just from their potential.

Then owners and players negotiated a maximum salary that could be gotten. This guaranteed that the superstars of the league were underpaid based on their actual performance and/or marketing value to their team and the league.  This provision benefitted owners who wouldn't be in position to negotiate against each other over a high profile player, and have that get out of hand.  It also benefitted the majority of players in the middle because:

The owners and players negotiated a 50/50 revenue split that the owners must spend on player salaries so if you limit the rookies and the superstars that leads to what we have today


and that completes this UnAmerican system.

Players who haven't excelled but instead have survived are now cashing in big time.
Players who weren't good enough to play meaningful playoff minutes are making over $15 million dollars a year.

Good players are now the highest paid in the league.

This gives them no incentive to get better. It overshadows the superstars, and makes no cognitive sense.

The highest paid players should be Lebron, Steph, etc.

Their not because of an accident of timing where new revenue has come in while many top players are locked in their contracts.

This should never be allowed to happen.

The best thing is to take the limits off rookies and superstars and have a free market within the cap system.

But if not, the top 20 players should an escalator clause thst keeps them in the top 20 salaries.
Excellence should be rewarded at all times.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Trump mob ties

It should go without saying that any person who can credibly be connected to organized crime is not fit for office of President of the United States.

Donald Trump, the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party, a great American institution, is clearly not fit for POTUS!

Trump Mob Ties

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Trump: why retweet of racist makes him racist

Here's a racist online, one of many that Donald Trump has retweeted:

Here's the example of Trump retweeting this and other racists.

Yet some say a retweet is just that, not an endorsement. No ill intent.

But the reality is, Donald Trump is promoting them through this retweet.
I don't know how many followers this person had before Trump retweet but today he has
over 10K.  Yet, if Trump retweets him, his message and bio gets exposed to over 7.92 million people.
Over 700 times more people!

Everybody can retweet something by mistake, but Trump did it 3-4 times.
At the time, he stood on principle and said it wasn't an endorsement, just that he liked the message.

But the question is why racists love his message and openly promote him?  And he returns the favor unknowingly?  And now that it's known, the principle is gone? Because I haven't heard of him doing these retweets anymore.  But the cynical in me says that's because the message is out, he's gotten all the benefit he can from it, and now he's trying to change the subject.

But we shouldn't let him. And after the media glare is gone, this racist is left with more followers to spew hatred and resentment.

Trump is a racist.
He is unqualified to be President just because of that alone.  Not to mention dozens of other reasons.