Sunday, February 22, 2015

Why be a Democrat?

I am against gay rights.  The Democratic Party is totally in support of gay rights.  So why am I a Democrat?

The answer is that I was here first!  I have a right to believe all the things I think are correct, and the Democratic Party is better on balance than Republicans.

I totally respect that Democrats passed Obamacare.  It helps millions of people have access to quality affordable healthcare.  I especially like that they were upfront about the costs:  medicare cuts and tax increases.  Obamacare helps lower income inequality and actually transfers from the middle class to the poor.  That's probably why it is so unpopular.  Yet, Democrats did the best they could, and the right thing.

Democrats in general protect the weak from the strong.  Environmental rules are a good example.  In general, they are a good thing, There is an economic cost, but once again Democrats are as forthcoming about them as possible and still get elected.

Democrats support diversity.  Not enough for me in terms of ideology but it's a good thing.

I think it is noble to support a party that will raise your taxes to help society.  Of course this needs to be balanced, and done properfly.  But the fact is, many problems are best addressed from the federal level by the government.  Maybe not the implementation of programs so much, but certainly the coordination and funding.

Supporting more taxes and more services from the government is a way to do good and feel good about yourself.  You can honestly say you support Democrats and believe the government should handle varioius problems you might encounter throughout society.

Now if they only could stop hurting traditional marriage...

How gay marriage hurts your marriage

1.  In order to allow gay marriage and have it make any sense, we as a society have to change the purpose of marriage from being an inter-generational commitment made by the couple for the benefit of others into defining what makes an individual personally happy.  By definition, once they aren't happy anymore, there's no logical reason to stay married.  If we institutionalize the concept that marriage is permanently changed to being about one's happiness rather than an inter-generational commitment to your spouse and both of your families, every marriage will be vulnerable for break-up.  We know this because the gays seek marriage equality, which goes both ways.  So all marriages will be about personal desires and happiness.  Obviously, this has been happening over decades, but this change makes it permanent.

2.   Gay marriage promotes the idea that there are different kinds of families and all are equal.  This takes away whatever pressure was left to keep marriages intact because, once 2 men can marry, it is impossible to say any situation like divorce or living together, or whatever is bad.  It ushers in an era of low and no judgement which loosens the bonds of marriage for everybody since we will have marriage equality.

3.  If someone devalues and changes something you have that is sacred you are harmed.  For example, if a person could just become a Supreme Court Justice without any intellectual heft, legal training, or political acumen whatsoever, BUT by law must have JUSTICE EQUALITY.  The fact that person would be called Justice hurts the ones who are qualified and have the unique talents.  No longer would saying "I'm a Justice" mean something special and specific because legally it could mean something totally different.  The key here is if there can be no distinction between a person who went to law school, clerked, was a judge, and now a Justice, versus a person who was a basketball coach who is now a Justice.  It would change how people see themselves and how others respect them if you forced them to be "equal" with unequals.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Greg Hardy

The NFL should ban Greg Hardy for life.  He was convicted of an extremely violent crime, but in NC had the right to another trial.  Before that could happen, the victim went MIA and came to a financial settlement with Hardy.  The prosecutor dropped the case.

The evidence on record is sooo bad.  An eyewitness to a truly violent attack and a witness statement that is worse.

This is a case that should be clear cut. So often women's group take complicated and dual responsible type situations and make them appear simple.  Thst hurts them in cases like this.

Regardless of the politics, and the legal outcome, Hardy should be banned for his behavior.  It'd be a moot point if the criminal justice system worked correctly because he'd be in jail.  But it failed.  No need for the NFL to fail also

Democrats are better than Republicans

This blog is dedicated to promoting Democrats against gay rights in general and  against gay marriage specifically.  I mean both parts of that mission: Supporting Democrats and being for tradional values and against the radical gay rights movement.

Many African Americans like to say in a flippant way that there's really no difference between Democrats and Republicans.  While of course they agree on many things including not truly standing up for traditional marriage, here's just a few reasons why a progressive, liberal, or any person left of center especially an African American should support Dems over Republicans;

- the party has taken the lead from Harrt Truman through LBJ, through Jommy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Obama in supporting equal rights and equal access to power in all areas of American life.  So much so that the racists that used to dominate the party have migrated historically and electorally to the Republican Party since Richard Nixon's southern strategy 

-Democrats support big government programs that have and continue to help AA's in two ways.  As recipients and as federal employees.  Government work has been the best avenue to the middle class for blacks.  Republicans have made it a mission to cut government at all levels which would hurt blacks disporportionately.

-Democrats have fully integrated blacks into party.  So much so that they turned their back on the wife of a beloved former President to select and elect an African American President of the United States.

-with a few exceptions (school choice) if something is good for the masses of blacks Dems support it, and Reps are against it.  From more education funding, universal healthcare,  housing programs,environmental laws for clean air and water, safety rules for jobs and products, affirmative action in education and the workplace, government backed small business loans, criminal justice reform, etc.

just to reiterate we have a black President thanks to Democrats.  He has genuine ties to the black cimmunity.  He is not just a person with black skin.  His election has changed the paychology of a nation so that young African Americans can reasonably think any position in society is possible.

It's cute to say there's no difference but the thousands who got help with mortgages, the thousands still working in auto industry,  the millions of students who get more help to go to college, the millions with heslthcare for first time,  the ten of thousands of soldiers not in combat duty, and on and on would have a different perspective if Republicans had won in 2008 and 2012.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Craig Farmer report

1.  Once again people who claim to want gender equality insist on a double standard.  In the NBA, a player (Chris Paul) criticized a referee.  But since the referee was a female, his word choice and character is now being questioned.  Bottom line:  women are equal to men, and have to endure the same criticsm without the thought and speech police trying to protect them.

2.   President Obama is a great leader.  The economy is the best it's been in years.  He is setting the political agenda with issues like  immigration in an impressive way for a lame duck.  I honestly believe he will be on our money during my lifetime; deservedly so.  I say that disagreeing with his support of gay rights. I wish he supported traditional values, especially the black family.

3.  The Seahawks had a chance to win the SuperBowl, having the ball less than a yard away from the end zone in the final minute.  They should have run a top tier play for them which would be a running play, bootleg pass, or read option.  Instead they went with a poor play call that was intercepted.  Any play can fail, that's why you set yourself up for success so that if it fails there's no second guess.  Life lesson.