Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Obamacare compromise?

What about:

🔅 repeal individual and employer mandates
🔅 allow ins companies to sell across state lines and w/o EHB regulations - but they must offer at least one Comprehensive option that is affordable

🔅  anyone eligible for subsidy auto enrolled in catastrophic plan (non-Ocare)
🔅. Ppl not enrolled in Ocare EHB plan for over 6 months,  can be charged market rate for 10 years if they want to later buy comprehensive plan

The first item restores "liberty" of not forcing people to buy a product.

The second allows individuals to buy whatever policies they want that companies will offer.

The third raises revenue for the system to replace the mandates and stabilize the system that allows everyone to be covered even with pre-existing conditions.

It's important to have a stiff penalty for people who choose not to have insurance for significant time and then later want coverage.  Of courses there'd be hardship waivers where it made sense.

The end result would lower premiums for everybody, and increase accesss for millions.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Democrats in a Trump Era

Here's a newliberal agenda all Democrats should agree with:

medicare for all
universal free public college
large defense cuts/while maintaining our strength
infrastructure buildup
urban renewal
police reform
education reform
tax reform

But Democrats need to stop being science deniers when it comes to gay rights and gay marriage!

The fact is there are three basic options:


Science teaches us only male/female relationships can reproduce and keep our species alive.  So since nature has a preference, we as policy makers should have a preference.

We need Democrats to stand against gay marriage.  It's the right thing to do because the philosophical underpinnings of this movement have culminated in the destruction of traditional marriage and healthy male/female relationships.  This hurts males, females, and the children.  To be clear, gay marriage didn't cause this, but is the most obvious symbol of what's wrong with our culture.  Simply put, if all lifestyles are valid, that lessens societal pressure on women to demand and men to commit to healthy marital relationships.  This breakdown has caused many ills related to crime, health, and overall happiness.  Democrats need to get back to traditional values and connect with average Americans.  Even though gay marriage is the law of the land, and Republicans haven't done anything about it; the silent majority has done something about it!  They've installed the party that is less in favor of gay rights and more (supposedly) in favor of traditional marriage as the majority party across this nation.  Now the Republicans have shown that they are unwilling to do what it takes to actually reverse the gay rights movement, but are very willing to exploit the backlash.  We need a solid part of the Democratic party that genuinely is against gay marriage and for traditional values in a way that makes all our lives better.

We need Democrats to stand against the agenda of the gay rights lobby.
There is a group of people who are determined to  keep changing our society regardless of the implications and whether the American people agree.
They have been working in Hollywood for decades, and you can see the results not only in
many t.v. shows and movies, but in commercials, sports programming, etc.
There has been an assault on traditional marriage, a celebration of divorce, and a drive
not only to tolerate but accept as equal people engaging in a homosexual lifestyle.  In fact, it's shocking that there isn't more outright depictions of gay images, except you realize these people are strategic in balancing the public's comfort with their vision of progress.

I would stipulate some people are born gay. But some also choose that and other deviant lifestyles. In America, we shouldn't seek to make everything bad or strange illegal, but we should strive to build our culture strong and make it sustainable for our future generations.
As Democrats we need to strengthen the institution of marriage by making it harder to get married, and harder to get divorced. Part of our problem today is that we have allowed the institution to wither and it has so much so, that the radical leftists have redefined it. We truly are defining deviancy down.
So as Democrats we need to look at the tax code, waiting periods before marriage, rules about joint ownership, and just our approach in civil society to make marriage more meaningful.
It is not enough to just be against gay marriage, we need to be for a stronger union.

We need to say it is ok for us to believe it's not ok to be gay.
I'm like millions of other Democrats who wouldn't want my children to be gay.
While we should treat everyone with respect, we the people through our government have a right to define our culture and laws for the common good.  The Supreme Court is wrong to include gay behavior as a civil right.  It should remain in the political realm, and then we should win the issues.

Democrats need to strengthen the political hand of fellow party people who believe in traditional values.  Think how far Democrats who support gun rights have come in the past two decades.

We don't want openly gay people serving in the military.
We don't want school textbooks presenting gay relationships as normal.
We don't want the feminization of boys/men to continue in our entertainment culture.
We don't want gay rights groups taking the banner of civil rights.
We dont' want gay marriage.

We can work to make sure all people are treated fairly in every situation without making false equations between African Americans and homosexuals. People are defined as gay by virtue of sexual behavior. The government has the right to regulate behavior. If it doesn't then that would attack the basis for most of our laws.

I want the millions of Democrats who agree to take back our party from the activists who are controlling the levers of power.

Don't allow them to control the language, and bully you into silence.
You don't have to support gay rights just because you're a democrat.
You don't have to be quiet because many of them support the rest of the Democratic agenda.
We need a truly progressive agenda that is good for America.
That means not only supporting traditional marriage, but making it better and stronger.

Craig Farmer
making the word, "liberal" safe again!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Newliberal agenda: Response to Trump Republicans

Democrats now face the prospect of no power for the near future, as radical Republicans attack the very core of our federal government.  This is why it was so appalling to have so many African Americans, women, young, and poor people assert that there was no real difference between the parties and whether Clinton or Trump won.  Now as Trump begins naming his cabinet and first 100 days agenda, the reality is becoming worse than imagined because it seems clear Trump will work with the right wing to implement their agenda.  Jeff Sessions as Attorney General? Tom Price at HHS? and people like Giuliani and David Clarke being considered for various posts?  It seems the "unpredictable" Trump is so far very predictably bad.

Democrats need to respond to Republicans in a bold way that matches their extremism.  The GOP has gotten this far by breaking tradition, obstruction, lying,  and the politicalization of even the most basic things.  It has worked.  And the typical Democratic freak out has not worked.  Pointing out that you're responsible while the other is extreme; as you negotiate with them is a losing battle.  And we have lost.  Both Trump and Republicans have for years now proposed and fought for extreme policies that we thought for sure would sink them. Only to watch the public reward them for having ideas and trying in the first place.  They have been on offense and been willing to take short term losses for a long term victory.  THAT must be copied!  Democrats should not oppose Republicans in a moderate way.  They need to be bold and visionary.  They need to stand for a new agenda that might win in 2 or 4 years or maybe in 20 years.  We can't simply say no to Republicans and hope the people see how bad they are.

Here's what Democrats should stand for:

 Newliberal agenda

Medicare for all with no deductibles and coinsurance. Americans  would pay a simple premium and copay each time they used the system based on what they could afford to discourage overuse but no person would ever have to make an economic decision about their health.  This is an improvement of the current Medicare system which is too expensive and complicated.  We should work hard to keep private sector involved because it encourages innovation and managed competition can make everything work better.

Universal free public college for in state students.  The road to the middle class used to require high school, now young people need more education to get ahead.  Students should be able to commute to their local college at no charge just like high school.  If they or parents wanted to pay to stay on campus and for other amenities, that's their choice.  But all public 2 and 4 years schools should be available based on academic performance and not economics.

Cut Defense department by 50% while making the US stronger.  More money doesn't equal better results.  Re-evaluate all current deployments and re-orient our posture toward defeating f terrorists and defending ourselves rather than being an empire.  This is radical but the  right thing to do.  We'll find we will be even safer because the country can focus on doing what works, and we won't be provoking so many issues around the world. 

Build American infrastructure up into 21st century leader.  Updated modern electrical grid that doesn't lose power so easily, modern public transportation  improvements including airports, fixing roads and bridges, using smart technology that saves money and time, etc.

Clean up inner city streets and abandoned areas. Revitalize downtrodden areas with public/private partnerships that incentivize projects where it might not be profitable now, but we can create a better community and an environment where something will emerge later. 

Community police forces   Have local community meetings where the residents personally hire people from their community to police themselves. Then deploy to the worst crime neighborhoods in overwhelming force. 

Decriminalize common drug use We need to stop the cat and mouse game with drugs.  If a substance is being used widespread, decriminalize it.  Fine people for possession and move on. Focus on making our cities safer, and leave the drug epidemic to health and education officials.

Education reform  Pledge to fully fund our educational system in all 50 states. Allow every state and locality to do education their way. Each year they must be proficient or else the whole management of school must be removed, and start over.
 In addition, allow any parent in any school, who wants to use their tax dollars in a private or home school setting to take a voucher to use it.   Education is so important, we shouldn't be arguing over small amounts of money.  Both/And should be an acceptable answer. School choice and a strong public school system.

Auction Tax reform   Democrats should look to use technology to raise taxes in the least intrusive way.  Think of how many events and items Americans are willingly paying well above face value or above their normal spending range.  Sporting events, concerts, collector's items, new products, etc.  An event like the Cubs - Indians World Series immediately sold out, and tickets became inflated on the secondary market.  Thousands of people willingly paid more than normal to see the game.  This is a road map to a new taxation system that is much more voluntary.  Having the government auction off low supply/high demand events and items can substantially fund our government and all we need to do.  Out of let's say 35,000 seats at  a world series game, the government could buy 1000 tickets and resell them to highest bidder.  Those 1000 people would be happy, and no one loses out.

These are bold plans that Democrats can rally around that make people's lives better.
I should emphasize that much of the above can be done using the private sector as utility companies or in managed ways.  It is almost always better to have more ideas and competition rather than central planners deciding all the details.  So it is important that we the people through our government set priorities and guarantees and then have an open mind as the best way to achieve it.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

How to dramatically lower black homicide rate

There's so much attention on the Black Lives Matter Movement and the focus on police shootings of unarmed African Americans.  While there are over 37 million African Americans, there were approx. 40 unarmed African Americans killed by police in 2015.  Meantime, there are thousands of murdered African Americans every year for as far back as we can see.  The vast majority at the hand of another black person.

 Realize that over 99% of black people aren't murderers and over 99% of black people aren't murdered each year. 

But if we want to address all black lives mattering, here what we can do to dramatically lower the black homicide rate:

1.  Talk about the increased level of violence in  some black communities compared to other communities everyday, the same way as  BLM.

2.  Demand politicians on all levels offer radical plans that can be implemented immediately.

3.  the community needs to turn on the criminals. Turn on rap music. Make snitching cool.

4.  The community needs higher standards of what is acceptable on a personal level.  Including cleaning up the streets and neighborhoods, and encouraging pride in keeping it that way.

5.  promote traditional marriage.  Facts show an intact nuclear family is best social program.

6.  Embrace groups like Nation of Islam and other pro black groups to patrol the neighborhood. And form a partnership with police. 24/7.

7.  De-criminalize drugs, to take profit out of the illegal trade.

8.  Harshly punish low level offenders before they get worse.

9.  Guarantee a free college education at any school in America to all who academically qualify

10. Public works programs to rebuild the cities, public infrastructure, and community programs

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Black people 'oppressed'?

4.6 million Blacks with college degree (19.6% of population 25 and over)

38,000  black doctors in US (3.6% of doctors)

31% of black households make more than $50,000 which is more than 43% white households

35,000 black millionaires in US