Wednesday, January 16, 2013

a real liberal agenda to stop gun violence

^  register guns like cars
^  hold sellers liable for due diligence in determining purchaser is trustworthy
^  ban military weapons in civilian hands
^  empower FBI to proactively remove guns from homes of mentally unstable people
^  empower FBI to proactively search for homes of unsta ble people with weapons using public records
^  censor extremely violent material to the general public; allow only to people with demonstrated stability
^  ban "realistic violence" that desensitizes public; allow only to people with demonstrated stability
^  teach moral and religious values in all schools k-12 as much as we teach math and science
^  promote the resoration of traditional marriage, and the return of strong nuclear families

join liberals against gay marriage

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Kelly Hayes said...

I strongly agree with teaching values, and also with taking a very hard look at how violence as a whole is glorified in American culture. This would nip so much of this crap right in the bud. So if people would just adhere to good values, it wouldn't matter what tools were placed in front of them - they would not use them for anything other than self-defense purposes.