Thursday, November 15, 2012

5 people responsible for spread of gay marriage, and 5 who have helped stop it

Tiger Woods - At one time, he  represented the best America was, now his sexual behavior is the biggest evidence to those who would destroy it, that marriage is barely surviving as it is.
Oprah Winfrey - she has set an example to millions of women that marriage is not "necessary" and should be about their "happiness".  Her show's leftist ideology promoted the feminization of men and the celebration of almost everything non-traditional.
Maggie Gallagher - influential in starting National Organization for Marriage. Should have made it bipartisan effort to protect traditional marriage rather than small Republican outlet.
George W Bush - While he arguably won Ohio in 2004 running against gay marriage, he did so in a cynical way and never intended on protecting the nation from this assault.  Instead  of trying to partially privatize social security, he could have promoted traditional values both in personal and public policy so that there would be a strong foundation to fight today.  Instead, he supported all the Republican gays in private, and allowed the public airwaves to promote the left's radical agenda without a response from the Presidential bully pulpit.
Perez Hilton - not just him, but all those extreme homosexual activist who have dominated movies, tv, music, and all of pop culture and demand that opponents of their lifestyle not be heard.
Al Sharpton - a person who has transitioned from a black militant to a reliable Democratic pundit.  He obviously traded some of his beliefs for access to the mainstream.  I generally like him and his politics, but on this one he gave cover to the President and others to make public shifts.

...and those who have helped traditional marriage in some way:

Bill Clinton - with all his marital and other problems (Juanita Broaddrick for one), Bill and Hillary have stayed married and worked together for decades.  This reverence is inspiring, even if it was only for public consumption because at least they faked doing the right thing by respecting marriage.  In addition, Bill Clinton did many policy things (DOMA for one) , that gave traditionalists time to save traditional marriage.  I realize he now supports the leftists but the facts show he's actually helped.
Jay Z - with marriage rates and the idea itself being assaulted in the black community, Jay Z has done a remarkable job. This hip hop lege nd has the respect of many young people who are getting the wrong messages about marriage.  By living his life in a responsible way (on this score), he has been a tremendous force for good.
T D Jakes - by making the movie "Jumping the Broom", he not only made a quality film, but a template of how to have interesting entertainment coupled with good values
Rick Warren - a minister who is willing to debate the issues in a civil way, and to help those against him feel comfortable in changing their views.
Dennis Prager - and the many others who make thoughtful cases against gay marriage based on logic, history, and secular reasoning. It is important that opposition to gay rights is not perceived as the "religious" versus "secular".  Religion is important in it's own right.  But not necessary to show why same sex marriage is bad for America.

We  need more Democrats against gay marriage

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