Monday, October 8, 2012

Missing words from 2012 election

1. traditional marriage - It's being redefined in a horrible way throughout our nation, and the "conservative" candidate doesn't want to talk about it or have a plan to fix it.
2. school choice -  The statistics are so horrible for so many students that we need a revolution in education that must include a free market for parents to choose any viable school.
3. gun control -  gun violence is rampant and no one wants to take on the NRA.

bonus: For all those people who believe in campaign donation limits and candidate spending restrictions, look how "the media" took an almost down and out Romney and gave him a chance.  The media is always ignored as to how much money their voices are worth in terms of influences the election.  Romney received in my estimation over a $1billion of good publicity.  Yes, $1 billion.  Now, Obama generally receives better press daily, and I expect by election day, Obama will be a huge net plus in "in kind" media donations but the point stands, why should other citizens have their rights curtailed but citizens who own media outlets or work in the media have total freedom? Everyone should be able to speak or spend however and how much they want.

As always join me in becoming a Democrat against gay marriage

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