Friday, November 19, 2010

Democrats against Gay Marriage

Where are all the Liberals and Democrats against Gay Marriage?

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Today's topic is "Gay Marriage".

We need Democrats to stand against gay marriage.

We need Democrats to stand against changing the definition of marriage to include homosexual relations or any other deviancy.

We need Democrats to stand against the agenda of the gay rights lobby.
There is a group of people who are determined to change our society regardless of the implications and whether the American people agree.
They have been working in Hollywood for decades, and you can see the results not only in
many t.v. shows and movies, but even in commercials.
There has been an assault on traditional marriage, a celebration of divorce, and a drive
not only to tolerate but accept as equal people engaging in a homosexual lifestyle.

I would stipulate some people are born gay. But some also choose that and other deviant lifestyles. In America, we shouldn't seek to make everything bad or strange illegal, but we should strive to build our culture strong and make it sustainable for our future generations.
As Democrats we need to strengthen the insitution of marriage by making it harder to get married, and harder to get divorced. Part of our problem today is that we have allowed the institution to wither and it has so much so, that the radical leftists are in the process of redefining it. We truly are defining deviancy down.
So as Democrats we need to look at the tax code, waiting periods before marriage, rules about joint ownership, and just our approach in civil society to make marriage more meaningful.
It is not enough to just be against gay marriage, we need to be for a stronger union.

There are some who are celebrating all of the ballot initatives that are defining marriage correctly, and ban gay marriage. But I look at the closeness of some of the votes, where over 47% of people are either supporting gay marriage or not wanting to define traditional marriage as one man and one woman. Also, the younger generation is clearly more supportive of gay marriage and gay rights in general. This is an important time when we as Democrats need to reverse this trend.

We need to say it is ok for us to believe it's not ok to be gay.
I'm like millions of other Democrats who wouldn't want my children to be gay.
While we should treat everyone with respect, we the people through our government have a right to define our culture and laws for the common good.

Now realistically, I don't believe President Obama when he claims to agree with me that he believes marriage is between1 man and 1 woman. I think he is just pandering to the voting public. But we as Democrats need to strengthen his political hand so he doesn't keep moving left.

We don't want openly gay people serving in the military.
We don't want school textbooks presenting gay relationships as normal.
We don't want the feminization of boys/men to continue in our entertainment culture.
We don't want gay rights groups taking the banner of civil rights.
We dont' want gay marriage.

We can work to make sure all people are treated fairly in every situation without making false equations between African Americans and homosexuals. People are defined as gay by virtue of sexual behavior. The government has the right to regulate behavior. If it doesn't then that would attack the basis for most of our laws.

I want the millions of Democrats who agree to take back our party from the activists who are controlling the levers of power.

Don't allow them to control the language, and bully you into silence.
You don't have to support gay rights just because you're a democrat.
You don't have to be quiet because many of them support the rest of the Democratic agenda.
We need a truly progressive agenda that is good for America.
That means not only supporting traditional marriage, but making it better and stronger.

Craig Farmer
making the word, "liberal" safe again!

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