Friday, October 12, 2012

How you know Vice President Biden won Debate

1.  Google Consumer poll:

Biden 44.1
Ryan 36.1
tie 19.8

2.Cbs poll of undecided voters

Biden 50
Ryan  31
tie  19

3.  The Cnn poll that showed Ryan winning 48 to 44 was of registered voters who watched debate that was a Republican +2 sample.  That is fully 7 to 8 points more Republican than our anticipated electorate.  So for Biden to come within the margin of error in that sample is a victory.

4.  Biden was on offense while rejecting the lies Paul Ryan told.  Biden appealed to the electorate's basic sense of the two parties' respective commitment to social safety net.  A real winner for Democrats

5.  Ryan agreed with Biden more than Biden agreed with Ryan.  This means Ryan felt the need for political cover in the debate and sought the security of "we're the same" but..  Ryan did this numerous times on foreign policy.

6.  Biden made more substantial charges against Romney/Ryan. Whether it was:

-they were looking to start another war
-they want to privatize social security and medicare
-Romney wasn't presidential during Lybia incident
-Repulicans are standing in the way of good legislation
-Romney/Ryan are full of ....Mularkey

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