Monday, October 8, 2012

Proof Rasmussen polls are legitimate

For all of us Democrats who are quick to notice how Scott Rasmussen markets his polling outfit, and so often has a bias in favor of the Republicans, today is another case where the facts don't bear that out.

This would be the perfect time to refigure your methodology or skew your sample somehow to produce a big Romney bounce.  Simply because everyone would believe it.  Since Rasmussen polls dominate the internet mainstream media, and the conservative world throughout; they would drive the narrative for as many hours there are until more established polls are released.

But instead:

Obama and Romney tied in the national race.  Showing a 2 point swing  back to Obama.

Obama leading Romney  in Ohio (1),  Iowa (2) and Coloradao (1)  three  important swing states that Romney needs if he's going to win. The last two with movement towards the President since the last poll done there.

I am apart of the group of people who  believe Rasmussen spikes the results for Obama before a big event, and then watches a big bounce for Romney emerge.  But this is after the big event.  This is expected.
Rasmussen could easily convince people his people has Romney up 5 and winning in all the swing states.

We would all discount it as bias, but it would increase the nervousness, and define the terrain regardless.

So I'll keep watching but I'll admit today proves Rasmussen polls are legitimate.
Tomorrow will be tomorrow.

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