Saturday, September 1, 2012

Against gay marriage, but still vote Democratic

here's why...
David Koch, mega Republican contributor supports gay rights

I told faithful readers of this blog that the Republicans are just using social conservatives.  They pander and try to use wedge issues.  If the Republicans really were in favor of traditional marriage and stood against gay rights and gay marriage, it'd be very tempting to support them just on that issue.  I say the same thing about school choice.

But what's surprising is that the Republican money man David Koch was honest now, 7 weeks before the election.  I'm thinking he just wants to be rid of the religious right, and at his age doesn't care to be too careful.

It's a shame because America needs billionaires who believe in traditional values and are willing to put their money behind those ideas.  We have both liberal and conservative groups that don't particularly support the parties as much as they support ideas like being pro choice or anti gun control.  But when it comes to traditional values the money dries up.

It's up to us Democrats who believe in traditional values to change our party and the nation.
The Republicans can't be trusted.

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