Saturday, July 7, 2012

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise hurt marriage more than the gays

Of course, I'm a Democrat against gay marriage

But I'm also a Democrat against divorce.  Especially multiple divorces.
That's why it's clear that Tom Cruise hurts the institution of marriage more than the gays who are trying to finish the destruction.

Cruise was already divorced once:
Cruise married actress Mimi Rogers on May 9, 1987; they divorced on February 4, 1990

He famously married again:

Now Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are divorced.

Katie Holmes has hurt the institution of marriage more than the gays who are trying to put it away for good by marrying a guy who already pledged a lifetime (and didn't keep it) to another woman, and then she walked away from her marriage.

That it's so casual and not unexpected is the problem.
No public condemnation.  Just legal issues and celebrity gawking.

We have allowed our most popular and prized people to denigrate our most cherished union.
We  hold them to a higher standard for numerous things:

*they shouldn't wear fur because that's wrong and sends kids a bad message?
*Rihanna shouldn't go back with Chris Brown because young girls would get a bad message?
*rappers shouldn't say "nigger" or "nigga" because it is historically inappropriate and sends a bad message?
*men can't hit women on tv because it sends a bad message?
...but celebrities can get married and divorced all the time? They can create shows to find their spouse?  But that's their personal life?

No we need to personally hold people accountable in our everyday conservations and change the culture.

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