Thursday, July 19, 2012

What if Romney wins?

concerning Gay marriage?

A Romney administration would offer a token defense of the "Defense of Marriage Act".  Given that this Supreme Court is clearly not THAT conservative, and both Justice Kennedy and Roberts want good press, it may very well be struck down as unconstitutional anyway. While there probably wouldn't be a sweeping decision, I would bet there would be an incremental victory for radical gay rights crowd.  But the problem with Romney is that he is a part of the silent crowd that says they support traditional marriage when you force him to answer.  Meanwhile the other side has developed the case that gay rights are the civil rights cause of today.  There's a passion imbalance, and a general sense that Americans want to be on the right side of history working against tradition.  There is not one politician who makes a positive case against gay marriage and in favor of keeping traditional marriage.  No one makes a positive case to roll back the state laws thaat have bastardized the culture.  Including Washington D.C. where Congress actually has power.

We need Democrats against gay marriage the way we needed Republicans and Nixon to go to China.

Our world needs objective values that determine and demonstrate right and wrong.  These aren't subject to opinion polls and political movements.  Being normal and not gay is one of them.  Yes, we need a positive campaign to venerate normality.  We need to explain that it  is cool to be a guy who likes girls, gets married to a woman and she has children, they stay together for life.

Deep down, most sane people know we need a society with iron clad rules.  It's just that the idea of being a rebel and "independent" thinker is so enticing to the American spirit.  We have perverts who have cultivated that libertarian streak  into a movement for the past generation.   Yet, these same people have countless politically correct rules and laws they will imprison, black ball, or ostracize you for if you break those.

A Romney adminstration would act as though they caredabout tradition, but in reality wouldn't do anything of substance.  We need a bold leader with a clean past to lead the nation to a better day. 

Unfortunately, it won't be the President.  He's thrown in with the leftists.  It won't be Romney, he's too timid on the issues that matter, and wrong on the other big ones (tax cuts for the rich, foreign policy, unions, etc.)

So vote for Obama now because:

he's our first African American President
he's done many good things like health care, saving the auto industry, saving our banking system, ending the war in Iraq, winding down the Afganistan war, and more.
he's a Democrat


then we need to find a Democrat who will stand up to the hollywood left wing radicalism.

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