Saturday, July 21, 2012

Questions: Batman massacre in Colorado

...these questions aren't asked enough:

1.  Do violent movies like "Dark Knight" impact unstable people enough to contribute to violence?  Should we do something about it? Ban certain types of violence in movies and video games? Or something to try to prevent these messages from being received?

2.  If movie producers can't produce politically incorrect material because it gives the wrong  message, why doesn't extremely violent material do the same?  If there's a defacto ban on on one  why not the other?  When's the last time gay people were referred to in a negative light in a mainstream movie?  What mainstream tv show has venerated a traditional marriage above other lifestyles?   What mainstream show has a domestic abuser as a main character who is beloved?
What movie is a really good kid smoking cigarettes?  Why are violent movies different?

3.  If one or more people had a legal gun, would that help or hurt?  What if the whole theatre was full of  people armed?  Is it better to have designated (random) one or a few or have anyone who wants to carry?

4.  Are some people just evil? Or is there is good and evil in everyone and it's much more a matter of environment and circurmstance?  Personal responsiblity?

5.  What would it take to cancel the rest of the "Dark Knight" showings?

6.  Isn't death a part of life, and shouldn't we accept it and  not look for "things to change"?

7.  There are numerous murders each day, why is this different?  If we don't care about  the others why this?

8.  What if the media didn't cover these cases?  Would more or less happen?

9.  If we addressed mental illness the way we do cancer, wouldn't we also be addressing suicide, mass gun shootings, teen age pregnancy, and many other problems at once?

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