Tuesday, July 31, 2012

gender equality? Nonsense

Show me three women who will risk their lives for their boyfriend?

One of the survivors of the batman massacre said:

“I look at that and know that I would do the same thing if the tables had been turned and if I would have been able to take the bullet for him I would have,” Young said.

That's ridiculous.
I'm glad she's alive to say such things though.
She had the chance to save other people.
She, (like me) and most other people wanted to save herself.
Her boyfriend went above and beyond what was necessary and expected in today's world.
But the political correctness and cognitive dissonance caused by women constantly thinking, acting, and saying they're equal clashing with the reality was just too much for her.
So she says something that is not disprovable but is clearly not reality.

This is part of the problem with male-female relationships, and the problem with marriage today.
Sure I'm against gay marriage, but the problem started way earlier with the false notion that women and men are equal.  Women pursue it for the good things.  For equal pay. For power in relationships. For opportunity.  But then shun equality when it comes to tough, dangerous, dirty work.

Where's the affirmative action to get women into combat in the military?  To get women to be 51% of the military, police, and fireman forces.  To do the tough dirty work of garbage collection, sewer work, fixing the electritcity grid, etc.?

We need to either agree women are equal and demand responsibility, or map out a fair system for men and women with men in the lead role.  But this half-stepping fantasy of equality is destroying our social fabric.  Look at the marriage and divorce rates.

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Roger Dodger said...

Good post, Craig. There does seem to be a double standard where women and men are supposed to be equal, but some things they can do and others they can't . The truth is that both men and women have their pros and cons.

If I'm dying in a fire and a firefighter has to carry me out, I like most people with common sense would rather have a man than a woman. If I want a secretary that can bring in good business with looks and manage my business with brain skill, I'd much rather have a woman than a man. I also don't understand where this "men and women are equal" argument came from, because it makes no sense. It simply devalues both femininity and masculinity. Crazy liberalism.