Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Frank Ocean is not a hero, he's a homosexual

I've never heard of Frank Ocean before today. But he's being celebrated for announcing to the world that he engages in gay sex.  His music is ok.  I probably would like it a little bit if he wasn't singing to another dude.  But not much more than a little.

A hero is someone who does something good and courageous.  Like the 3 men who sacrificed their lives for their girlfriends.  We should be celebrated Jay Z for being married to Beyonce and she having a baby in wedlock.  That is a good role model for our society.  President Obama is a hero. Not Frank Ocean.

We need young men to grow up to be responsible. We need them to find a young lady and get married for life.   If for whatever reason they don't want to then keep that private.

To celebrate a new artist because he's gay is absurd.
We should celebrate celebate artists and those who are married, not ones dedicated to deviancy.

The hero will be the artist(s) who speak out against the gay rights crowd and promotes traditional values.
The hero will be the brave person to clearly articulate why the 95% of males especially black males need good role models and that Frank Ocean is not one of them.  They can do it with a loving tone acknowledging that all of us are bad role models in some way and should not be celebrated for our faults or strange behavior either. 

 The more stable families we form, the less crime, the more education, better lifestyles, less health problems, etc.  We should promote, support, and venerate artists who typify this.

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