Monday, July 30, 2012

women and men aren't equal

If they were then how could this be possible:

Department of Defense policy prohibits the assignment of women to any “unit below brigade level whose primary mission is direct ground combat.”1 While this policy excludes women from being assigned to infantry, special operations commandos and some other roles, female members of the armed forces may still find themselves in situations that require combat action, such as defending their units if they come under attack.2

Women comprise 16% of the military.  Try to imagine anything that is important and valuable where women comprise such a low percentage?  And with that, they are protected from the most brutal aspects of combat.

Of course the military is all about responsibility.  It's about defending ourselves and our values.  It's not about personal benefits and opportunity per se.  What self-respecting individual would accept this situation IF they thought there are 100% equal?  The answer is that women are trying to have it both ways: 
Equal for the good suff.  2nd class citizen for the tough stuff.

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