Friday, May 25, 2012

What would it take for me to be a republican?

I'm a proud Democrat who prides himself on independent thinking about what is best for America.  That is why I'm leading the crusade for Democrats against gay marriage..

yet,  what would it take for me to switch and become a republican?

1.  Republicans would have to really be against gay rights as a party, and offer a positive agenda that supported traditional values.  Not as a political ploy but as a core belief.  Traditional values would have to rise up to the level that they love tax cuts for the wealthy, and defense spending.  This would need to include policies that made it tougher to get married, tougher to get divorced, and real incentives to keep marriages strong.  I want preferences for first time married people in the tax code, and throughout regular life.  In addition, they should launch an assault on the hollywood culture and either demand change or fund alternatives that don't degrade our culture.

2.  Republicans would have to stop catering to white racist voters.  While most of this is not explicit, it is still evident especially in the south and in many rural states like Kentucky and West Virginia.  If the white racists are comfortable with the Republicans, then they're not the party for me. 

3.  Republicans need to highlight the issues I agree with them on: in addition to  being against gay rights, school choice, faith based charities, less regulations, etc.  But do it in a way that can actually work and not as a political football.  For example, I believe in less regulations where the government is trying to protect an abstract interest like some rare bird or some theoretical damage to the environment as opposed to being focused on the public good.  But Republicans try to undo regulations that will actually make the air dirty and harder to breathe. Or in terms of financial regulations, the Republicans would allow derivative traders and speculators, or people betting in the stock market, to dominate a market and pose risk to all of us. That's where we need more not less regulation.  So while they campaign against the senseless regulations they wind up eliminatingica important ones.

4.  Republicans need to cut the defense budget, and only fight necessary wars.  President Bush (both of them) talked about the right way to fight a war with "Shock and Awe", and going in with overwhelming force, as well as fighting to win, not being politically correct.  But over the past 20 years, we have fought pc wars that have prolonged entanglements and harmed our nation.  We need to fight less wars overall, but the ones we fight need to be done right.  War is hell, no amount of planning and carefulness will change that.

5.  Last but not least, Republicans need to stop being liars so often.  They are fundamentally dishonest on so many issues.They have taken to try and trick the American people so often rather than persuading them that they are correct.  Stop talking about cutting spending, and then you don't cut spending but instead you cut some of the projected increase in spending.  The Ryan budget doesn't balance for 40 years?  You're a prolife party but you don't have time to advance an agenda? (I'm prochoice, but they hypocrisy)

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