Friday, May 25, 2012


1. ummm... no you can't be a proud Republican of any type, and be talking in a friendly matter about the party with Reverend Al Sharpton.  I mean seriously, Al Sharpton uses his tv show on MSNBC to bash Republicans everyday, and to promote the interests of the far left.  He is not only a proud support of the President, he is an original thinker in that he devises and executes political strategy.  So it is not possible to be a proud moderate Republican and be talking on Politicsnation with Al Sharpton.

2. you can't find normal families on television today with a mom, dad, and children who are all descent Americans.  You can't find shows where men play masculine male roles, women play feminine female roles, and children respect their parents.  While this is what typically happens all across America in millions of homes, the far leftists in hollywood feel this wouldn't be a good look on television.

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