Tuesday, May 22, 2012

reaons to be a Democrat against same sex marriage

Reasons to be a Democrat against gay marriage:
1. marriage is the union of one man and one woman for life.  Anything else is not a true marriage, and harms both the individuals involved and society at-large.

2.  homosexual sex is disgusting.  While we should love all people as being made in God's image. All behvior is not acceptable.  For example: We are all born nude.  Yet, it is wrong to walk around nude.  In addition, many people choose perverted lifestyles.  We shouldn't elevate their choices to a civil right.

3. Many people follow their religious teachings which define homosexual conduct as a sin.  It is totally appropriate for religious Democrats to seek to convince others in the political square to do what is right just as we do on every other issue.  For example,  many people implement their religious belief that "thou shalt not kill" by opposing the death penalty.  And they try to convince others to agree with them in the political arena.

4.  For many the pursuit of  gay marriage is a cynical attempt to destroy valued institutions because of an inherent distaste of order and structure.  We need to be against gay marriage and the radical gay rights agenda that would equate homosexuality with being normal becaus it is wrong.  Wrong to experiment with nature for it's own sake.  Wrong to jeopardize the healthy and orderly perpetuation of the species by infusing the culture with the feminization of boys and ambigious sexual roles.

5.  The lack of a limiting principle.  The slippery slope argument. I hesitate to make this case because it implies that gay marriage isn't bad in and of itself but that it could lead to things that really are.  But because we need order in society, people's faith matter, gay relations are perverted, and that marriage is simply what it is, I think I've made the case.  But if this gay marriage issue is ok, then what isn't and why?  If we shouldn't "discriminate against you because of who you love" what if you love your mother? a mother daughter sexual relationship?  What if adults loved little children in inappropriate ways?  What about group marriages? What about stretching the mind as far as it goes?  Is the criteria based on how many think it's cool?  Whether they are politically organized?  No there is objective truth in the world, and people of good will can find it.

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