Tuesday, June 5, 2012

CraigFarmerReport: Dumb ideas

1.  Wiscon Recall election petition - Did public sector unions and leftwing Democratic groups really think that public dis-satisfication with Governor Walker could last over a year, survive millions of dollars of ad spending, and political maneuvering?  The only way for this recall to be successful would be if there was a new issue that bubbled up recently and the people voted on it quickly.  That's why recalls are bad ideas.  The successful California recall of Gray Davis happened because new issues kept coming up and also the anti-recall forces split with the Lt governor running for replacement.

2.  Gay marriage opponents can win without a plan or effort.  On the one side is an unprecedented (loud and vocal) attack on traditional values that is manifested through tv, movies, books, politics, education, etc.  including an embrace of traditional civil rights language.  Versus a quiet pushback that tries to win tactical battles with no coherent theme.

3.  Major League Baseball refusing to use replays for everything possible.  We had a "no hitter" this week that was so only because of a hit incorrectly called foul in the Mets game.  Umpires routinely get close plays on the bases wrong.  MLB should have every play reviewed automatically, and changed if wrong.  They should use common sense as to what the remedy should be.

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