Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Why I am a Democrat

In detailing why the Republican budget is bad for America, The New Republic's Jonathan Chait writes:

I mean, of course Obama finds it morally objectionable to take away medical care to people in nursing homes and children with special needs. That's why he's a Democrat.

I agree but wonder then why is it assumed a Democrat must also support:

gay rights?
current form of the public school system?
pro choice on abortion? (I am)
lenient immigration policy (I do)

Left wing Democrats who support issues like gay rights should stop trying to bully others like me into silence. In addition, they should invite debate rather than creating an atmosphere where people don't feel comfortable sharing their true opinions.

Democrats should proudly stand against gay rights because it is the right policy. America needs traditional values reinforced and reborn. That can and should take place on many fronts.

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