Saturday, March 19, 2011

Democrats against Gay Marriage

As a party and a nation, we need to keep pushing back against the so-called inevitable march towards acceptance of gay marriage and expanded gay rights.

There are million of Democrats against gay marriage. Many do so because they think it is the right policy. Others do so out of religious conviction. Either way, it is what we need as a nation.

There's a poll that says a majority of Americans support same sex marriage.

If this is true, this should be a wake-up call that devout beleivers, and true liberals who want what's best for the American family can't sit back and fight the redefintion of marriage with petitions and through voting.

We have to develop the foundations in civil society and pop culture.

The leftists have eroded basic principles step by step:

The idea of a no-fault divorce
The idea that people should be "happy" in their marriages first and foremost
The idea that children are better off with happy divorces than bad marriages
The idea that women should establish their career first before family
The idea that men can be insulted and dis-respected; and attacked by women
The idea that once a man "hits" a woman, no matter the severity or reason, he can't be trusted or redeemed.
The idea that marriage is personal and not of public concern

...and on and on.
Each one of the above is inaccurate. We need to fix them.

Divorce should not be casual. It should be more difficult and financially painful.
The family unit is important and not subject to the whims of emotions. Just like a mom wouldn't discard her children because she was "unhappy" with them.
Women and men should be treated with equal respect on t.v. We should respect the traditional notion that men lead the household rather than trying to demean it.
All couples disagree, almost everyone can be redemeed and can change. Oftentimes domestic disputes are two person family disputes with each partner "playing a role". If they change those "roles" the violence can and often does end.
We wouldn't be debating the issue if it wasn't public. We need organization and a familial power structure.

So for those of you truly against gay marriage, you have to strengthen traditional marriage. Make it more special. More unique. More strong. Then fight against it's enemies.

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