Friday, December 24, 2010

Question Time: Where are Republicans who support traditional marriage?

Biden says Gay marriage "inevitable"

No it's not.

Especially if we rally Democrats against gay marriage.
Also if Republicans would stop playing political games with religious conservatives and be serious. When was the last time a viable Republican spoke out against gay rights?

Not just gay marriage. Yes, do that.
Not just against the repeal of Don't Ask Don't tell. Yes, do that.
*simply saying it is wrong to pursue gay rights in America.
*simply saying it is right to not only oppose gay marriage but support traditional marriage and fight against the divorce culture.
*simply saying they wouldn't want their son or daughter to live a homosexual lifestyle
*simply say it's proven many people choose a homosexual lifestyle as opposed to being born that way.
*simply say that America has a right to prefer normal relationships over deviant ones
*simply say it is not hateful to stand up for good American values
*simply say it is offensive to compare gays to African Americans

and so on.

as a Democrat, I need more help in my party, especially since the Republicans are AWOL.

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