Thursday, December 23, 2010

Question Time: Filibuster reform

Why would Democrats reform the filibuster when it could only hurt them in the next Congress?
As it stands now, the Republicans in the new House majority will be way more Conservative and radical than those Republicans in the Senate. Therefore, there won't be any Republican filibusters that will need to be overcame. In fact, it is more likely that Democrats will want to use the 60 vote thresh-hold to stop the Republicans from passing legislation and embarassing the President. For example, Republicans may want to cut the budget across the board back to 2008 or 2006 levels. This sounds so simple, and may be appealing to some Americans. But it would shortchange many priorities and it fails to make reasonable adjustments. For example, we should cut defense but increase education. In addition, we need to fund Wall Street and Healthcare reform.

Why change it now, when the filibuster can help Democrats?

I hope this isn't an example of Democrats once again doing the right thing and not taking into account the politics. All this will do is give the Republicans a chance to attack Democrats and put the President in awkward positions. The filibuster should have been changed last Congress or wait until next Congress.

I will agree with a compromise however, pass the reform now, implement it next Congress no matter who's in control.

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