Wednesday, December 22, 2010

UConn women's streak not comparable to UCLA

The University of Connecticut women's basketball team has won 89 straight games, a record in the women's game. UCLA had the men's record back in 1974. The streaks and accomplishments are not comparable. The men's record is much more impressive than the women's record. In truth, it's not debatable on the merits. It takes a politically correct society that doesn't want to denigrate female acheivements to take it this far.

The women's game in college basketball is in a horrible state. There's not very much talent to go around. There are a few powerhouse teams like Stanford, Tennessee, Baylor, and maybe a few others that come and go. In fact, talent wise, I'd take an AAU 8th grade team over the UConn women's team everytime.

If you watched the record breaking game you know what I mean. These are (nice) girls out there on a full scholarship playing basketball at a low level. I know it is fashionable to talk about the "beauty" of the women's game. But unless you're talking about the pretty women, then it's not beautiful to marvel at high school and middle school level play.

Connecticut is a good team playing other teams that are horrible. There isn't much physical play, there isn't much quickness, ball handling skills, athleticism, etc.

...Now to be fair, UCLA played in a similar situation in the 1970's when the talent in college wasn't equal up to their challenge. But it wasn't THIS BAD!

In reality, I think the 2005 Illinois run at a perfect season was more impressive than UCLA because of the competition and the pressure.

I think the UNLV team from 1991 was probably the best team ever. Again, the media spotlight, the competition, the pressure, the skill level, etc.

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