Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lawrence v Texas-2003 U.S. Supreme court oral argument audio recording

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In general, I'm a Democrat against gay rights
I hope to find more:
Democrats against gay marriage and
Democrats against same sex marriage and
Liberals/Democrats for traditonal marriage

This is an important case where the Supreme Court found a constitutional right to privacy for homosexual behavior. While I agree with the case being decided in favor of privacy, it was decided wrongly in terms of accepting homosexuals as a protected class of people. Justice Scalia rightfully warned of the dangers of this in his dissent. He's often wrong. But always brilliant. This was a rare occasion when he was both.

Gay Sex (Sodomy) belongs in the group of many actions I personally disapprove of, that society should not promote, but it not should not be criminalized. I would put the use of many dangerous drugs in the same category. Totally against it, but don't want to arrest people for it.

Hopefully, I am wrong about this being an important case. It could turn out to be like Bush v Gore, a case that has no lasting judicial significance.

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part 2

As you will hear, the Responders (state of Texas) had an inferior lawyer. It is a shame that Republicans seem unwilling to defend traditional marriage in a serious way, but instead use the whole topic simply to garner votes for their owtherwise right-wing agenda. It could be a conspiracy.

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