Monday, November 22, 2010

Democrats against same sex marriage

Read my piece on why Democrats should be against gay rights and gay marriage.

Here, Bishop Harry Jackson explains why same sex marriage is bad for society. He emphasizing the harm to children.

While I agree with his article, I caution to add, we must make a more wholistic and moral case against homosexual rights. We as a society have a fundamental right to define what is right and wrong. We are entitled to define which relationships are preferred and which should be ostracized. The gay rights crowd knows this but wants to pretend just for this moment that it doesn't apply. You can see this when the question of incest comes up. Or when the question of plural marriage comes up. Both involve adults. Yet, the gay rights crowd is willing to discriminate against these people's desires but not their own. In addition, we as a human race have a right to use common sense. What normal society wouldn't have special status, protection, and affection for marriage when it is the foundation of our whole lives? Similarly, what about the food we eat? How would you know if what you are eating at your favorite restaurant isn't horse meat (as is done around the world) rather than a steak? Using the same logic as the gay rights crowd, it is bigotry and discrimination to allow one and not the other. In addition, it is wrong because some in India revere cows, so we should respect their faith and not be allowed to eat beef too.

We all are born naked. We all have to "use the bathroom" naturally. It is not learned behavior. It is not a choice. So does that mean we all have a right to walk around in the nude? A right to relieve ourselves whenever we want?

The whole idea that sexual orientation and behavior isn't a choice is absurd. Of course it is a choice. It could be choices that are influenced by nature or even determined by nature. But so what? We are higher leavel beings. That is how we are able to use science to build and use complex machines like automibles. We are able to fly in airplanes better than the natural "flyers" birds.

Democrats must begin to make some of these fundamental arguments in addition to "for the children" essays. Society must be able to have rules. Some of them moral. Some of them legal.
Some of them unfair to various people. If not, we can wind up tearing down the whole structure, then everybody loses.

It's not a coincidence that as we fight this battle, numerous networks were discussing yesterday why marriage is a "luxury" and how people don't believe it in like they used to. Here is a sample:

This is wrong. This is subversion. It leads to a worse life, and lifestyle.
It leads to more disorder. It leads to less happiness. Much of it long term.


Anonymous said...

Do you think more Democrats are feeling this, or thinking it inwardly? Do you believe the new GOP Congress will begin to push back against the gay marriage argument?

Craig Farmer said...

Many core democratic groups support traditional values, especially: african americans, latinos, private sector union workers, etc. It's that the monied interest in my Democratic Party are extremely left wing.

I expect Republicans in the House of Representatives to make politically convenient arguments against the gay rights movement, but unfortunately they won't do what's necessary; that is to accept the challenge to defend our great culture. They will do what they think is politically expedient. For instance, the Republicans may stop the repeal of "don't ask" (which is a compromise in and of itself. There should be a ban on gays in the military), but they will do it in a way that will just stall the inevitable rather than reversing the momemtum. If one side says, "this is a civil rights issue", and the other side doesn't take them on, on that level, we will lose no matter what. We need politicians to stand up for the moral case of traditional marriage. Stand up for the right of society to have rules and enforce them. We need people to express their disgust with homosexual relations in public, repeatedly. If the Republicans would attack this the way they did healthcare, they'd be doing the country good. Instead they hurt the country by attacking healthcare, but play politics with this.

It is up to Democrats to do the real work of rebuilding the institution of marriage. Republicans are too cynical and corrupt on various levels.

This will be difficult given the political and cultural reality, but our nation is up to the challenge!

Lizzie said...

SO refreshing!! I am a VERY conservative Mom of 6. I have been searching for something telling me that there are Democrats out there that will uphold traditional values. I don't hate liberals, in fact, The reason I am SO conservative is because of the Homosexual agenda involoving our children!! I am terrified for their future!! Anyway, Just thank you to you Craig Farmer. May God be with you and bless you!