Monday, November 22, 2010

President Obama, where's the leadership?

this is a recipe to lose, again.

Democrats are split on tax strategy. Instead of stories about how each chamber of Congress is struggling with the various issues, Democrats need the President to side with HIMSELF, and demand a tax cut bill that cuts the deficit by over 700 billion more than the Republicans by raising taxes on the wealthy, and cutting taxes on the middle class.

Democrats are once again negotiating among themselves, and will ultimately compromise. Then they will compromise some more with the Republicans.

This is what led to the electoral devastation in November 2010. Depressed democrats (like me) have to accept compromised victories while accepting full-scale losses on other issues.

It's hard to understand why Democrats keep trying to work with the other side when the GOP is committed to our defeat.

When we took Congress in 2006, Bush took an extreme position concerning Iraq. He told Democrats to deal with it. We won big in 2008, but today one of his successes is his "surge" that was so unpopular and counter-intuitive. That is why I think he deserves more credit for being succesful. President Obama should learn from his leadership style.

Please bring back the 2008 primary candidate Obama who stared down Jeremiah Wright and William Ayers allegations, and manipulating the Democratic convention rules by indicating "pledged delegates" were the only legitimate delegates. That was a tough politician playing to win big.

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