Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Proof Ted Cruz is too extreme to be President!

Ted Cruz is one of only 2 people with a reasonable chance to be the Republican nominee for President in 2016.  What this means is that he has a real opportunity to win the general election.  Polls show him competitive with the Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton.  And while much has been made of how Donald Trump is not qualified to be Potus and would be a disaster for this country. (He would) the media is ignoring the actual details that Ted Cruz could be worse!   Sure Cruz is not vulgar and has much more discipline than Trump, but he has purposefully and skillfully advanced radical notions throughout his career.  Here's one, I think even he today would find hard to defend:

Ted Cruz advocated a person remain in jail over a decade longer than he should have based on legal errors.  This is a case where he agrees the petitioner was factually innocent of prior offenses.  And had those assertions been raised properly by the defendant or his lawyer, would only have gotten a 2 year sentence for a subsequent crime. Instead Cruz argues to preserve a procedural rule, the man should stay in jail for over ten years more.  Remember, this is not a situation where a convicted person is using legal technicalities.  All sides agree in actual innocence of a prior offense that prompted  sentence enhancer from what it should be of 2 years max to over decade for a  later crime.

Listen to the audio and you'll hear incredulous Supreme Court Justices question Cruz and how he would have a man serve an extra 10 years in prison  when all sides agree he doesn't deserve it.

DRETKE V HALEY  - March 2, 2004
 Supreme Court Audio

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