Sunday, March 6, 2016

Media narrative: democrats higher turnout!

In Louisiana Primary:

Democrats 306,721 total voters
Republicans 285,609 total voters

In addition, once again as in many places Hillary Clinton was the top vote-getter:

Clinton 222,216
Trump 124,818

Even though this is considered s solid red state this and many southern states could be in contention  in November because

1. if Trump wins the Republican nomination, the Republicans could splinter into pieces
2. If someone wins, his supporters could sit out or go 3rd party (maybe with him)

Donald Trump has come too far to be a non-factor. If he loses the nomination to a mainstream Republican at convention, it will have been a robbery.  Otherwise is Cruz or Rubio win somehow, he can't legitimately support them after all they've said about each other.  They've gone way too far.

So a Hillary Clinton could be super strong, and Republican can be super weak and this election could be a massive blowout!

Let's hope so!

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