Saturday, February 27, 2016

Primary politics: Rubio v Clinton

Going into the big South Carolina primary for the Democrats and Super Tuesday for both parties,
Both races are at an important crossroad.  Here's what will happen:


Hillary 61%
Sanders 37%



Sanders  62%
Clinton 35%

Hillary literally wins every other state

Sanders leaves race....

On Republican side, much more complicated:


Cruz 47
Trump 35
Rubio 15


Rubio 29
Trump 27
Cruz  25


Rubio 32
Trump 29
Cruz 20


Cruz. 39
Trump 32
Rubio 28


Cruz 31
Rubio 30
Trump 27

Trump blowout wins: Vermont, Mass, Tenn, Minn, Col, Ark, Alaska

So seven big wins for Trump

But Cruz picks up momentum with 3 big wins

And Rubio barely stays in the game with 2 squeakers.
Rubio will go on to win Florida later in the month.

Kasich will drop out of race, so Trump will win Ohio.

This race is going to the convention!

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