Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Black Lives Matter

I support the basic tenet of the BLM movement: that in America, in the criminal justice system especially the facts show that African Americans statistically do worse than others, they face systemic problems at every level that ultimately leads to the devaluing of black lives and prospects to succeed.  It's clear that political pressure is necessary for improvement, so I support the protest inclination to a point.

But what's missing so much of the time is a celebration of the progress that has been made.  The millions of African Americans in the middle and upper classes.  The flourishing of black churches and other institutions;  the commonplace advances in every possible profession or social situation.

And tonight the President delivers his final State of the Union message to Congress and the nation.
That we've gone through all these years with then candidate Obama and 7+ years as Potus, is a remarkable achievement.  The President has an outstanding record of achievement: from economic growth, healthcare, keeping America safe, being a role model, and much more.  That he defeated a Titan in Hillary Clinton, who joined his administration, and now seems poised to follow him in a bid to protect his gains is an American triumph.

There needs to be a celebration that America has made an extraordinary effort to make BLM.  It's fair to point to the failures and the work left to done, but only in context with the beauty of the greatest nation ever.

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