Thursday, February 4, 2016

Abortion and murder:

Here's a tragic story of a woman and her 2 year old son killed by the dad, early one morning outside of her home.  The mom was on her way to dropping off the child at daycare, and then heading to work.

This is a local story for me.  Once hearing the initial details, I immediately predicted that the father of the child was the murderer,   Once the news reported that the mother had sued for child support just recently, I also knew that was a big part of the reason.

By why the title Abortion and murder?

Not because I think abortion is murder. It's not.

But because our current system is so unfair to men, and our society so unbalanced in terms of men's rights that the crazy men choose irrational murder rather than deal with it.  Of course the 99%  of men just accept the unfairness, and treat women wrong in the usual ways.

But my focus based on this tragedy is to highlight the necessary changes we need:

1.  Any person who intentionally  kills a 2 year child should get the death penalty.  If we can do so in a swift and certain manner, consistent with the Constitution, this will save lives in the future.  In this case, I'm convinced if the man knew he'd be dead in a less 2 months, he wouldn't have killed.

2.  Any person who intentionally kills anybody for the sake of money or anger should get the death penalty.  This will actually save lives.  It's the right thing to do.

3.  Men should have rights in terms of abortion.  Right now, if a woman decides to abort a fetus, the man has no option.  Then that's the end of the story between those two.  I'm guessing the murderer above wanted the victim to have an abortion.  If she had, the baby would still be dead, the two adults alive, and no story here.  As a person who's personally pro-life but politically pro choice, I think we should think of the moral ramifications of this...

But on the other hand, if the woman decides on her own to raise the child, and do so alone, which apparently happened in this case for up to 2 years, at any time up to age 18, she can get a court to force the man to pay money every month for the baby that one or both of them didn't want at one time.  That's not fair.  That is maddening.  A woman can decide to kill the baby when it's a fetus in her body, and the man has no input.  But if she decides she wants the baby, the man has to pay for 18 years and has no input.  Thankfully 99% men are not murderers and find some way to deal with this injustice.  But I have a solution:

End the concept of child support!!!!

Let it be known, starting January 1, 2017, no man has any financial or legal obligations to any baby born to an unwed mother.  Conversely, babies born to married parents will be the responsibility of the man even in divorce.

This will let all women know, don't do it!!! Make him put a ring on it.
This also keeps a woman's right to privacy with abortion and birth control.

But it removes a fundamental unfairness from the system.

It will fundamentally change our culture in a positive way because women will have to take more responsibility for their bodies and the choices they make.  It will encourage families to once again assert their protection over young women in relation to young men because those families would be soley responsible for unwed mothers.

An unmarried dad could agree to support a child in exchange for parental rights.  And then he would be treated as the married dad would.

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