Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Black Lives Already Matter - have perspective

When people talk about problems in the black community, specifically about police brutality and the injustice of the criminal system, please remember the overall picture:

there are

45.7 million black Americans - 14.3%

Most of the worst statistics and bad stories relate the the troubles of black males, please remember there are

21.3 million black males

For all the bad, there are:

over 1.6 million blacks have advanced degrees (ma,ms,md, phd, jd)


over 4.5 million blacks have at least a college degree (18.7 percent over 25 yrs old)

For all the plight of black males, there are:

over 1.2 million black males in college

Now, last year

238 blacks killed by police in 2014

238 is horrible. But remember it includes criminals who killed others and would kill again.

according to naacp, there have been 76 unarmed blacks killed by police in 15 years.

That's in 15 years

yet there are

35,000 black millionaires

8,400 black households have over $1 million in assets

So in a given year, less than 10 black people wrongfully die at the hands of the police (still bad of course)

this when there's over 2.5 million blacks arrested in 2013 by the same police

And one more thing:

Over 4,379  blacks were arrested for murder.  The vast majority of them for killing black people.

multiply that by 15 years. It'd be about 60,000 black lives.

So the question, we as a black community need to address is why do we so often overlook all the good things going on in America?  Is it because, blacks make up only 8% of millionaires or only around 1 percent of  the top 1 percent?  So we can complain rightfully that we're under-represented in the wealthy.

But what about how we're over-represented in murders?  Blacks are around 50% of the murders in the United States.

My basic point is that the media and many in the civil rights community are inflaming passions about a problem (police brutality) , while ignoring a much bigger problem - black on black crime.

The media and the civil rights community are inflaming passions about injustice in the criminal justice system, while ignoring all the progress and attainments of blacks in America, by the thousands and millions.

We should address each and every problem.
We should celebrate each and every success.

This country is the best country ever created, The best country is the best ever for blacks.
If it wasn't, the millions in middle and upper class would be trying to leave.

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