Thursday, December 3, 2015

How to stop gun violence

Illinois Dems refuse tough gun enforcement:

First of all give as much attention to the mostly minority population being shot daily in our inner-cities;  Make sure their lives matter (black lives matter) as much as victims of mass shootings and Terrorism.

Next, nationwide we need to have tough mandatory penalties for carrying an illegal weapon.  It should be draconian.  No second chances.  I'm thinking, 5 years in prison, no plea bargains.

This should be coupled with an ending on the War on Drugs.  No one should be in prison for possession or distribution of drugs.  Prison should be for violent offenses.  If you have an illegal gun, that counts.

Then we need gun control laws nationwide that include expanded background checks and a process to take previously legally bought guns away from Rhodes who shouldn't currently have them.  We need to develop a psychological profile of people who might hurt themselves or others and act silly go get their guns.

So this combination of more enforcement and punishment with stricter gun control will make America safer.

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