Monday, May 18, 2015

Chinx Drugz shot dead

An underground rapper named Chinx was shot dead.  He was affiliated with famous rappers French Montana and Meek Mill.  His real name Lionel Pickens, he was a member of "The Coke Boys" and had a solo project coming soon.

While every life is valuable, and this certainly is a tragedy, we do our society an injustice, and inflict harm on the Hip Hop community if we omit Pickens' criminal past.  He had been convicted of serious violent crimes for which he went to prison.  And in 1999, this story of he and an accomplice attacking  a man should be fresh in our minds:

Teens charged with attempted murder

The above was at 15, he continued a life of crime, and then a career in music glorifying it.
He once told a radio station that he explained hisisic to his children as the se as a movie, meaning it wasn't real.  But it was real for him.

He had real victims and now he's a victim.

Every story about his death should  detail the crimes he committed.

Assuming that he turned his life around, which I don't have evidence of, we still need to send a message that you can't come back so easily fr some mistakes, bad judgements, criminal activity, lifestyle choices, etc.  You have to avoid them in the first place.

This death very well could be justice. I don't know, but I do know the hip hop community shouldn't celebrate this rapper.

RIP and God bless his soul and his family

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