Monday, March 23, 2015

College baseball player kicked off team?

For a tweet about Mone Davis!  Yeah he referred to her as a "slut".  Yes that's offensive. But to be removed from the team is even worse!  How can a college, a place where free speech should reign be so dismissive of a person's human right of expression?  I'm not questioning his legal right. But this idea that words on Twitter can get you in trouble is ridiculous!  In this case a word.  If he wrote "girl" or just "she" then it's ok.

People should be outraged by words that indicate real life danger, abuse, discrimination or something untoward.  That's why I opposed punishing Donald Sterling because his private words had no public relevance.  I opposed expelling Oklahoma students for racists chants because there wasn't any other allegation.  If this player is only accused of an offensive tweet, he should be back on the team and he deserves an apology.

It's strange that so many people have promoted the concept of free speech which holding various topics and ideas exempt.  It's depressing that most people really mean free speech with which  not vehemently opposed.

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