Thursday, March 12, 2015

In defense of Oklahoma students

Here are the facts that I'm opining on.  If they are incorrect, incomplete, or change then so might my opinion:

Students in a fraternity were secretly recorded singing an offensive song that had racist language about not allowing blacks in the group.  Specifically that they would lynch one before allow African Americans to join the group.  There was generous use of "nigger" in a derogatory way.

They were suspended from school once this recording became public.

If these are the facts, this is an outrage! No student should be punished by the government (Oklahima is a state school) for speaking or singing in a private setting.

Of course as a 45 year old black man who graduated from a predominantly white college, I don't approve of this song.  I disapprove of the notions they sung.  But as a person who listens and recites rap songs, and watches and enjoys numerous radio, Tv shows and movies that use clearly objectionable language and subject matter, I honestly believe in free speech.

To believe in it for real, means the old axiom is alive "I disagree but I'll fight for your right to say it".

It's disturbing that no ones accused of discrimination?
No ones accused of violence or threats.
Just singing? Now kicked out of school?

If they did this in front of a black student union meeting, I'd agree.
If they did this while rejecting potential black members, I'd agree.
If there was an implied violent threat I'd agree they should be expelled.

But we're left with political correctness.
Assuming they don't want black members, they have a right to associate or not.
They don't have a right to discriminate with public money, but they most certainly do in private, and with their own money.

These are distinctions that seem to be getting lost as "thought police" attempt to make some ideas illegal.

yeah I'm against racism so it's ok for me to ban other people's speech?

What about when I want to speak in support of traditional marriage and against gay rights? Expelled?

These students should fight for their and our rights.  I'm sure the Supreme Court would rule on the side of freedom.

No discrimination.
No threats.

Students have a right to sing a racist song.
This is America.

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jose said...

preach, brother.