Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Be careful saying you're sure...

When someone is so certain of something or they guarantee it based on past history take a moment to notice how radical a time we are living in for things both big and small.  Here in 2015 are a few things in my lifetime that were once unthinkable by the average person.  Some good, some bad, some just are:

-  use of cellphones to replace alarm and types of  clocks, calculators, camera, video camera,  home phones, television, radio,    computers, vcr, music collection, notebooks, newspapers, letters, talking, and more (a good, not imaginable in 1999)

-over 2/3 of country lives in area where gay marriage is legal.  (A bad not imaginable in 2004)

-Barack Obama, a black man is a two-term President. (A good not imaginable in 2006)

- paperless economy where people get paid, pay bills, spend and save money without ever touching a dollar bill or a check  (a good, not imaginable 1995)

- Bill and Hillary Clinton would be relevant in 2015. She the front runner for President in 2016. (Not imaginable in 1998 or 2008)

-marijuana would be legal in some states and have a better reputation than cigarettes (not imaginable in 1995)

-the Internet and all its uses in business, communications and entertainment  (not imaginable in 1991)

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