Sunday, February 22, 2015

Why be a Democrat?

I am against gay rights.  The Democratic Party is totally in support of gay rights.  So why am I a Democrat?

The answer is that I was here first!  I have a right to believe all the things I think are correct, and the Democratic Party is better on balance than Republicans.

I totally respect that Democrats passed Obamacare.  It helps millions of people have access to quality affordable healthcare.  I especially like that they were upfront about the costs:  medicare cuts and tax increases.  Obamacare helps lower income inequality and actually transfers from the middle class to the poor.  That's probably why it is so unpopular.  Yet, Democrats did the best they could, and the right thing.

Democrats in general protect the weak from the strong.  Environmental rules are a good example.  In general, they are a good thing, There is an economic cost, but once again Democrats are as forthcoming about them as possible and still get elected.

Democrats support diversity.  Not enough for me in terms of ideology but it's a good thing.

I think it is noble to support a party that will raise your taxes to help society.  Of course this needs to be balanced, and done properfly.  But the fact is, many problems are best addressed from the federal level by the government.  Maybe not the implementation of programs so much, but certainly the coordination and funding.

Supporting more taxes and more services from the government is a way to do good and feel good about yourself.  You can honestly say you support Democrats and believe the government should handle varioius problems you might encounter throughout society.

Now if they only could stop hurting traditional marriage...

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