Wednesday, June 17, 2015

No charges?

A 3 year old son shoots himself with a gun the mom had for protection, and no charges?

This is a pro-life tragedy

The mom should face negligent homicide charges.
That is especially true to validate the value of the little boy's life.
It is also true to establish in society that people with guns are responsible for whatever happens with that gun.

I'm pro choice on abortion for various reasons, but those who are pro-life and believe unborn children have human rights that should be protected with the criminal law, should certainly believe a born 3 year old has that same right to life.  I realize the gun lobby and culture in our country is super strong, but this case should separate the pro life and pro gun groups.

Lastly, this sad tragedy is another reminder of how dangerous it is to get a gun for personal safety, as it more often involved in accidents, self-inflicted, and acquaintance-friend-family violence.

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