Sunday, December 7, 2014

Why College football 8 team playoff is bad idea

I was never one of the people who were bothered by the BCS.  Yes, I like college football. I actually love big-time college football games.  And the computer system with input from the polls always interested me.  In fact I loved the various complaint articles and tv segments.

When college football went to a playoff system, I wasn't wary that things would make a turn for the worse because it was only 4 teams.  But now there's pressure for an 8 team playoff, and for the worst reason; "It's not fair"!  Right now there are 5 major conferences, with only four slots.  So at least one champ is going to be left out.  This particular year it could be technically 2 because the Big 12 has co-champions.  The committee is supposed to pick the 4 best teams so really if
There were upsets, all the conference champions could be left out.  But 2014 had seen the chalk hold, and Florida State won the ACC, Alabama the SEC, Ohio State the Big Ten, Oregon. The Pac 10.  TCU and Baylor tied for the Big Twelve with no championship game.

Put it bluntly.  I love the idea that somebody deserving will be left out.  This year and every year.  It forces every team to play every game hard.  That maintains college football sports title of having the best regular season of the major sports.  If there was an 8 team playoff.  Certainly the first and probably the second, and maybe the third ranked teams could be so far ahead of others that they could rest players in certain games or just have bad outings and still be in the hunt for the title.  That's wrong.  In this year, Alabama was probably the only team that might could have afforded a loss at the end and made the playoffs  but as it turned out with every top team winning, they'd be out too.

Life is unfair. So should be college football.  A sport is better with too few having a chance than too many.  College basketball has too many.  Way too many.  So does every other sport.

Sports is ultimately about debate.  People will argue whether it's 2, 4, or 8 teams about the team that got left out.  It is preferable to be talking about a deserving conference champion rather than the 9th or 10th best team that has 2 or more losses.

America is the best nation, college football is apart of that.  The idea of excellence is America. It is college football.  Every game matters.  You have to be your best.  It works. Don't change it.


1. Florida State
2. Alabama
3. Oregon
4.  Ohio State

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