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How talking about killing people is worse than expressing anti-gay views: Hip hop version

we need more Democrats against gay marriage

Hip Hop music has always been against the mainstream, and demanding respect for its' own values.  Whether it was through the language used, the dress code,  the "values" of the street, the "conscious" rappers, sampling other music without attribution, or whatever was "real" to the artist.  The idea that you couldn't say THAT, whatever THAT was, was anachronistic.  Sure, no one ever supported Clarence Thomas or no one dissed Malcolm X but not much else was sacred.

Some of the rules such as "no snitching", which have clearly been taken to a dangerous level, have become so accepted that authorities seek to accommodate it rather than eradicate it.   Rappers today both in song and real life would rather do prison sentences than help police solve crimes.  They would rather let their own attacker go free than cooperate to apprehend them.  Given that, it's hard to believe what I noticed;

While murder, assault, selling illegal drugs, and a general lack of values has persisted as a strain in hip hop, and in fact become the dominant theme (over party music, social messages, political messages, positive nostalgic, love songs, etc), as hip hop has become the number 1 music genre:

 there's no gay bashing!
can't find a hit record right now, where traditional values are spoken of.  Or even just, traditional street values that don't approve of the gay lifestyle.

So it's ok to rap about killing people, but you can't express ANY disapproval of gay people,
So much for keeping it real, huh?

And before I continue, remember this is a real life problem.  Black people killing other blacks, and committing violent crimes against other blacks is the biggest problem in the black community.  And the glorification of uneducated black people in rap music is an incredible problem as it is more cool to be ignorant and a thug than it is to be educated and aspirational.  Every day we see blacks killing blacks, but we don't see gays being attacked.  HMMM.  So if music is so powerful that we shouldn't allow any so-called homophobic references, well what about the violence?  selling drugs?

Take the number one rap song out, which made it to number 6 on the pop charts:

He celebrates that he's been selling crack since the 5th grade.
The song is about killing people, shooting people, robbing people, and living the "trap' life of selling drugs.

I assume all the radio stations, dj's, promoters, etc disagree with all of the above right?
Well then why let him promote all of this?  Even the edited versions allow anyone who wants to, to know what he's talking about.

What if  Hot Nigga was about killing gay people?


What if  it was just about promoting traditional values of marriage between one man and one woman?

There are positive rappers out, with hot beats.
There are homophobic rappers with hot beats.

I'm in the music is art category, and agree we should not censor artists. 

Their  work can have value in numerous ways including as a cautionary tale of what not to do.  In addition, we can all choose to turn off or ignore anyone we deem offensive.

I'm attacking the rap community for allowing itself to be censored by the music industry.  This mainstream media that is controlled by left wingers who promote a gay rights agenda above all.

If I can hear, 'Mitch caught a body about a week ago', or 'I'm going run up on you and put that gun on you" or "if you aint a hoe get up out of my trap house',  then I certainly can hear a song like

2002 ether which has like 7 anti-gay references in it;

People can walk away from a song like Ether thinking it's not cool to be gay or associated with that.
That was something good about hip hop, and they've sold out. 
That needs to change back.

I don't think the rappers have changed, but they're desire to get mainstream money has changed them.

Don't get me wrong, I'd love there to be a more positive hip hop movement that was much more broad in the messages they promoted.  I remember songs like;

My philosophy - Krs one
You must Learn -Krs one
Proud to be black - Run DMc
Aint no stopping us - Big Daddy Kane
Brendas got a baby - 2 pac
Dear Mama - 2 pac
Can I Live -Nick Cannon
All Falls Down Kayne West
Crooked Smile J Cole

groups like:
Public Emeny
Brand Nubian

But if we are going to let people create whatever they think is good music, and we should, we should stop censoring them from certain "bad' words like "fag" and anti-gay messages.
And we should support them when they have a positive message about normal families that might offend some left wing liberals. 

Before I finish, I also note the idea of black men taking care of their children from their various baby mamas is becoming a thing too.  While that is probably a positive step, I also wonder about promoting the right thing which is to get married, then have children, and then stay together.

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