Tuesday, December 9, 2014

"I can't breathe" t shirt not a bold statement

I claim a new kind of politics that is much more honest both intellectually and in fact more than the traditional approaches.  There's limits to how "new" any relevant politics can be, but certainly more than is current.  Take the nationwide "I can't breathe" meme that repeats the last words of Eric Garner as a police officer chokes him during an arrest (assisted by numerous other officers) for selling illegal (because they're untaxed) cigarettes. I agree with the protests against the police and criminal justice system that failed to indict the officers in this and other cases nationwide.  I share the concern about racism in America generally, and in the criminal justice system in particular.  So personally when I see Lebron James and other atheles wearing the T-shirts I basically supprt them.


What about the valid issues on the other side or that stand in contrast to the liberal media or the activists? Those would be bold statements to support the police or standing up to the protestors.  And by that I'm not just talking about criticizing the looters and rioters, but the peaceful protestors.  If you watch the sports media or most of the mainstream media, the issues are very narrow and proscribed.

What if Kevin Love wore "police keep us safe" or Lebron wore the number of black people murdered since the protests began?

It bothers me to hear people getting credit for making a politically correct political statement.
Reminds me of Michael Sam or Jason Collins.  Two "heroes" who havent been criticized by even one notable person.

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