Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Liberal science deniers

Democrats and Liberals are prone to attack Republicans and conservatives of being anti-science.  This charge is both on the political side and ideological.

For example, politically it has been popular for Republicans to call for travel bans to/from West Africa to "protect" the US from ebola.  Science and logic say this is not a good idea.

Republicans have been against the science of Climate change for various ideological reasons.  Principally , they don't want to deal with the proposed solutions, whether they be higher taxes, government regulations, or changes in our lifestyle.

That's all fine, I might agree or disagree with the above but what about the Liberal Truthers on gay marriage?

Science says that a males-female relationship is better, more valuable, and more natural than any other because of the reproductive capacity.  We're all here because of  1 man and 1 woman.

Yet liberals insist that. Male-male or female-femsle relationships are totally equal and demand our laws reflect that.


to insist that unequals are in fact equal is a rejection of logic and science, no matter how many people agree.

We need more Democrats against gay marriage

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