Saturday, October 25, 2014

But.....It might be true

Even as he was named SEC co-defensive player of the year, Michael Sam knew he wasn't good enough to play in the NFL on the merits.  So he announced he was gay to get media attention and advocacy on his side.   Were  he a legitimate 1st round prospect he would have been silent on his sexual proclivities.   Now the Rams have confirmed Sam's insecurity by cutting him from camp and not offering a practice squad spot.  And the Cowboys have followed suit.  Who will be next to offer a marginal talent another chance.  Remember Tim tebow has been on the shelf for awhile now, even after he proved he had value.

The interesting question is why one of the legitimate players won't announce themselves as gay?   It is virtually illegal to criticize them.  The media will celebrate them.  They would open themselves up to so much more revenue from book deals to sponsorships.

It must be that athletes aren't as accepting as we think, and the pressure on the gay players would be so overbearing.

This is a good thing, I wonder if this could be a wedge somehow to reverse this wave of gay rights and friendliness?  It really is a long shot.😞

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