Sunday, April 27, 2014

Why I (and you) should support Donald Sterling

It is so sad to see the world come together once again to wrongly attack one individual.

I support Donald Sterling.
I support his right to own the LA Clippers.
I support his right to talk to his girlfriend on the phone and say whatever he wants.

There should be no punishment because he didn't do anything wrong.

Over the past 24 hours I've heard different people make obscure, tangential, and outright strange arguments about how "this" is unacceptable.  Some talk about Sterling's long history of being racist.


So last week, the NBA had a racist owner, so many peopole in the know knew, and did nothing about it?  I don't buy it.

One strange argument included that he was sued by Elgin Baylor for discrimination.  BTW Baylor lost the lawsuit.  And this is interesting.  So Baylor, who is African American, sued in part because he felt underpayed at $250,000 a year when others in similar positions made way way more;  Sterling gave him a job when no else wanted him, and to my knowledge he's not a GM today.  He took the job, and kept cashing the check.  And was recognized as a disaster on the job by NBA people.  So this all being the case, now we should include this in a list of grievances against Sterling after an audio tape is released?  strange.

The girlfriend is black and mexican.  How many racists refuse to associate with blacks.  This guy, dates them!   I don't know about you, but most people don't want to be judged by what they say when they're angry to their girlfriend.

And this is a special to African Americans (I'm one!):
You know all the things we say and hear others say in private, that if heard would embarass us.  You don't feel a little hypocritical attacking a guy based on a private conversation?

Everybody on the Clippers gets paid what they're supposed to.  Last week, Sterling wasn't an issue in any way.  Imagine if Daniel Synder says some racist Native American stuff on a private call.  At least, it was an issue the week before.

We need to stop trying to police people's thoughts and private speech.  We live in the best county on planet earth.  The right thing to do is to accept Sterling's public apology on move on.

I love msnbc. I love Al Sharpton

I've allowed him to move on from many of his statements.  He being a Reverend should understand the virtue in allowing people to move past mistakes.

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Anonymous said...

I am black and I support Donald Sterling too. His private conversations are his alone. If my personal conversations were published, I would be in jail or loose my job. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.