Sunday, April 27, 2014

Beyonce's music promotes traditonal marriage

Beyonces 2013 albumn Beyonce is the best mainstream album in term of promoting good Ameican values in a long time.  I know, she's apart of the pop culture that thinks "love is love" and would not want to be associated with promoting traditional values over feminism and gay rights.  But sorry, her first few songs from this album are so good, their impact can't be denied.

Drunk in love is performed with her husband.  Her one and only husband.  With whom she's had a baby with after marriage.  It is very explict and I love it!  Had someone else rapped on it, I'd been dissappointed.  But they did this song as a couple.  Yes the remix with Kayne West changes all that, but let's be honest, they can only do so much in the music business.  At least he's a part of the family.

Partition is an awesome song.  Again, very sexual but towards one person, I'm going to assume her husband, and I just love how she plays the traditional female role.  " Got all dressed up, And we aint even gonna make to this club"

Beyonce has hit songs that I like like "Irrepplaceble" or  "party"or others that bother me like "If I was a boy" where she is totally in synce with the current movements to empower women over men.

But for at least this brief moment.  She's experiencing motherhood and being a wife and loving it.

That she could get married, have a baby, and then look unbelievably sexy, and then dedicate songs to the desires of her man, is... what I'm talking about.

Well done.

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